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My Party[edit]

My party in the DnD world consists of two vampires, a half-dragon, and recently we've just added a human to the mix. Not sure how it'll work out but we haven't actually added him to the mix yet, so it's all good.

I, Penskè, am a Vampire Elf ranger (level 11). My weapon of choice is an Elven Bow of Striking and I have special arrows that are equivalent to my bite attack for the purposes of creating spawns. My animal companion is a black Chocobo.

Anya is the muscle in the group, despite what she is. She's a vampire elf fighter (level 10) that has almost every feat to boost her weapon (a Greatsword of Strength +5) to its most powerful state, including the flaw Heirloom. In our sessions, Anya and I are lovers who also have the Lovestruck flaw. We have been sent on a mission by our lord and master, Vladimir, the first vampire in existence, to create as many Vampire Spawns as possible and we trashed the spawn limit for this purpose..and we've even destroyed the entire town of Melmond (pun intended from Final Fantasy 1) and are now working on our second town, two days travel away..

Shiori is a half-dragon elf ranger (level 10) who's on a personal quest to find her father who impregnated her mother. This quest leads her everywhere, and we can't really stick with her. She's Chaotic Neutral anyway, so why would we? The only reason we haven't made her a spawn yet is because she caught us in a good mood..hehehe.

Our newest guy on the team in about 4 days away from our location. I honestly have no idea why he wants to join so late, and why he even bothered to choose this of all classes...and how our DM is going to keep us from killing him, but oh well.. He's the human, a frail little creature compared to us, but what in the world could make it worse? He's a Paladin (level 5)/Rogue (level 1)/Shadowbane Inquisitor (level 4). We just bumped him up to level 10 because that's where we're at, but oh well. Bad right? His character is built to kill us, but it looks like we'll have to kill him first? Well, his plan, despite being Lawful Good, wants to get US vampires to work with him, not sure how or what...possibly escorts...or whatever, and he'll pay us. Personally I think that's dumb since i have over 20k gp anyway, plus whatever my lover has.

But despite all of this, we've only had like 2 sessions. Only because we had pretty cool ECL that are the reasons we're so buff, but we have something to keep us from leveling up, even though we like to kill everything in sight..

We made a special skill called "Perform: Freaky" and it pretty much makes everything funny, or works like a combination of other skills to get us out of sticky situations, like the one time I dressed up like an Orc and ran through the streets trying to seduce horny, lonely women..or the time I was being chased out of a tavern by angry people and I used this skill to make the coolest exit ever in existence! Ah, good time..

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