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Hi, my name is jake. im from california and have been playing dnd since about 2001. i play with younger and older players, in a setting where fighters end up being more powerful then spellcasters 1/2 the time. this is not usual in most games i have been told but its just the way our dm likes to play. usually its because of gear or special powers that we end up getting and he usually plays steampunk which brings up the tech lvl especially when you get closer to epic. i am pretty laied back and see dnd as a regular social gathering where if we dont get much done thats ok because we all were just getting tougether to hang out anyways. this often leads to many tangent discussions in the middle of play and some days no actuall progress in the game(even though we were sitting around for about 4 hours). if anything i contribute seems to be a bit to powerful for your game it is because that is just the way i am used to playing, just give me a little reminder or let me know what would be better balance wise, i am very receptive to suggestions or helpful critisism. LokiTheHarvester (talk) 19:14, 19 December 2012 (MST)

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