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Of Things Past[edit]

I've been playing D&D for nearly as long as I can remember; at age five I rolled my first die because I was amazed by the game my cousins were playing and with a little help managed to pass for playing until I finally figured out the game at nine. Now, thirteen years later, I'm too engrossed in the story elements to ever get out (though I have begun to toss dice for World of Darkness as well - and will never support Monte Cook's terrible port of the setting to d20) and despite growing frustrated with 3E sometime ago, the simplicity and style of 4E has brought me up to date and I'm ready to face the current state of the D&D world.

I'm primarily a DM (you'll probably see me make the mistake of calling the position Storyteller more than a few times, however), though from time to time I actually manage to find someone willing to put up with my character concepts long enough for me to join a game.

Current Campaigns[edit]

  • Evernight: Northlands - PbP forum-based 4E game set in the world of Evernight; an attempt to bring the setting up to date for 4E
  • The Pick Up Campaign - randomly volunteering to DM a 4E pickup session on Veav I, I've now got a weekly campaign started


  • Brizeari Oussrahel, level 3 drow lurk


Nothing so far. I'm far too new to have anything other than comments on existing material. See Works in Progress for anything currently not considered at a complete stage.

Works in Progress[edit]

  • Weaver, an update of an old class of mine for 4E
  • Evernight, campaign setting
  • Reign of Fire, d20 Modern campaign setting, turning a crappy movie into a good and playable setting

On Other Places[edit]

  • Seen frequenting the Veav I server for OpenRPG under the name Kaz
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