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Use this template for easy linking of MSRD materials. It takes two mandatory parameters and one optional one:

  1. The first parameter is the section of the MSRD you are linking to. Use "c" for classes, "f" for feats, "m" for magic (spells), "o" for occulations and "s" for skills.
  2. The second parameter is the specific article in the MSRD you are linking. It must be formatted the same way as the page title (for classes, occupations, and skills) or the section title (for feats and magic).
  3. The third, optional, variable is used for feats or skills to denote those which have subsets.

The template syntax is: {{User:Jazzman831/workspace3|section|article|optional subsection}}. For examples of how this works, see the table below.

Syntax... ...displays as
{{User:Jazzman831/workspace3|c|Fast Hero}} Fast Hero

{{User:Jazzman831/workspace3|f|Point Blank Shot}} Point Blank Shot

{{User:Jazzman831/workspace3|f|Weapon Focus|Beretta 92F}} Weapon Focus (Beretta 92F)

{{User:Jazzman831/workspace3|s|Knowledge|Tactics}} Knowledge (Tactics)

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