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Intro; Backstory[edit]

Hi there! I'm Jaye. I'm a 21-year-old female LGBT gamer, with a long-rooted history in gaming. I first started, as many of us did, by playing Pokémon on my platform of choice (at the time, it was my GBA). Later on I would discover the wondrous world of tabletop gaming, thanks to the Heroscape (remember that?) set my dad got me for Christmas. At first the vanilla set was fun, until it wasn't, so I bought some expansions, which were fun too, until they weren't, so my dad and I started homebrewing our own units, before I even knew what homebrewing was. My dad grew up in the beginning of DnD, back in 1e days, and played up until 3.5e. He still had a lot of the miniatures, so we used those. Eventually I got curious and asked "hey, what are these from", he bought me the Basic DnD Game Box, and then I found a new love.

Or at least, I would, if I had had friends back then.

Fast forward ten years and now I am running my own semi-homebrewed DnD campaign with some friends of mine, and a couple of my RuneScape clanmates. You can check us out on discord [1], we play every Wednesday from 5pm EST to around 9/10pm EST.


  • Ardalkhayal (5e Campaign Setting), The semi-homebrewed campaign setting we are currently playing in. It started off in the 1e Module "N1 - Treasure Hunt", which ended with the party on a stolen boat, sailing the high seas of the Korinn Archipelago, a roughly-mapped out location from the Forgotten Realms setting. When I say roughly mapped out I mean the island this module took place on is this little dot here, you've got at least two arcs worth of islands on this map here, and we here at TSR and WOTC literally haven't used this location in the 20+ years since, and probably are never going to roughly mapped out. Funnily enough, they still show it on maps of the FR they make today, but nothing up there is fleshed out.
Everything below this is considered part of the Ardalkhayan Campaign, but are easily enough converted to vanilla D&D by following the notes at the bottom of the page
  • Ardalkhayan Gnomes (5e Subrace), The homebrewed subrace of gnomes that inhabit this world, responsible for many of the magical inventions we use all over
  • Ardalkhayan Gnomes: Inventions (Ardalkhayan Supplement), A re-skinned and mildly re-balanced collection of homebrew items made by other users here on dandwiki, all compiled and credited.
  • Gnomish Firearms (5e Equipment), A WIP list of all the firearms within the Ardal Setting.
  • Death Knight, 2nd Variant (5e Class), One of my players asked if he could roleplay a death knight from World of Warcraft. Naturally, I said "sure, as long as you present me a template for the class, go ahead". The problem was, the class he gave me was ridiculously broken and over-powered. Naturally, I ended up having to recreate the class from the ground up. Funnily enough, this was actually my very first homebrew, and I'm personally amazed at how non-gamebreaking it has ended up being.
And when I say broken, I mean, come on. The abilities of both a max-level champion fighter AND max-level Oathbreaker paladin? Combined with necromancy cleric spells?? And an insane amount of free stat boosts??? AND the ability to get a free automatic critical hit and heal all the damage dealt???? Topped off with at least one new feature every single level??!?! Its based off the paladin. A support class. It should not get a new combat feature practically every level.
  • Bestiary (forever a WIP), an ever-growing collection of monsters that I have used within the setting. These are only a suggestion, feel free to use your own.

Current Party[edit]

  • Writhion, the Male Human Death Knight 3rd, Order of the Blighted Blade.
  • Reshilin Kholin, the Male Dragonborn(Silver) Barbarian 2md/Cleric 1st.
  • Lillith, the Female Elf(High) Bard 3rd.
  • Darsheva, the Female Elf(Wood) Druid 3rd.
  • "Eshaim Hardrove"/Ishael Fairweather, the "Male Elf"/Female Tiefling(Feral) Ranger 3rd.
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