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hello world. my name is [private information], and i just started playing D&D. i decided to play vers. 3.5, because i read somewhere that 4.0 was much simpler, and 'for kids'. and i wanted gaming experience different from that. im playing the group's DM, and when im not creating content for my group to experience (which i am not very often, since they are still on their first adventure :P), im browsing, randomly or with a goal, around on this site. i am a firm, firm believer that players should improve the D&D experience, using their own experience as a standpoint.

Hijax' notes

ideas/future projects/half/full-done projects[edit]

projects working on[edit]

  • make op some rules for economic evolutions and add them to How Economy Affects Your Campaign
    • tasks:
      • Economy points and random evolution tables (done)
      • trade with other nations; benefits and penalties
      • (more to be added)
Table: Random economic evolution
D10 1 years evolution Big treasure found
1 1 1
2 2 1
3 3 2
4 4 2
5 5 3
6 6 3
7 7 4
8 8 4
9 9 5
10 10 5

to measure each nation's economic evolution, roll on the above table each year, and if a great treasure is found (or some other, equivalent event bypasses) The nation gathers the corresponding number of Economy poits. the following table shows what kind of economy rating is corresponded with what number of economy points:

Table: Economic ratings
points rating
1-10 poor
11-20 failing
21-35 stagnant
36 - 45 strong
45 - 60 growing

for the meanings of the above conditions, please refer to How Economy Affects Your Campaign . in addition to the above, any nation gains or loses an fixed amount of economy points each year. see the following table:

Table: Economic ratings
rating bonus points
poor -10
failing -10
stagnant -5
strong +0
growing +5

Note: because a nation cant go further down than poor, or farther up than growing, one might complain that the bonus/penalty set here is useless, but this is to show tha when you are already totally stripped of money, its hard to get more, an when you got lots of money, you dont just get poor.

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