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Hello, and welcome to my page. I'm still a little new to all the features and all that, so bear with me as I learn all this new stuff.

Um, personal note, I am currently working a full time job, as well as participating in 3 different campaigns once a week. I am currently playtesting the Variant Engineer (created by SilverwritingPen) as well as the Huntsman class (created by Darkmoonrise312, with some additional contributions to the class made by myself and Blobby383b), and both have some interesting stories to tell, perhaps for another time.

I am also thankful that the contributions made to the Team JNPR based subclasses on the Huntsman class has been accepted (still making some adjustments and minor tweaks with it, not gonna lie), and if anyone wishes for me to share a story or two I will make a separate page or something on here to post stories involving both the Engineer and the Huntsman.

All in all, glad to be here, thanks for having me

Zeno's Will (5e Equipment)

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