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Hello all. I am just inanely bored and have found that through all the fantasy games i've played that d&d has some of the greatest yet frustrating moments of my life. I've felt that i had a knack for creating new spells/ characters and never really any chance to test this. I had a pretty cool DM that allowed for some very minor stuff, and well I don't get to play in his games anymore since I live on the opposite coast...

I have a new DM and things are interesting as it is, he's been playing a very heavy campaign littered with Dragons... They rule in this area, unfortunately i was ill-informed and well my character has kinda been less effective than i would think. The only thing is since becoming involved in this campaign (towards its end might i add) I've seen two dragons get one shotted by the damage threshold and the Arrow of Slaying... THE ONLY Fights i actually have been involved in have been 1) a band of 12 Huge Snow Trolls (or something similar) is I rolled a natural 20 on a spot check and still got my butt kicked when 4 of them attacked me at once, well so did the ranger who was 3 levels higher than me. Due to some near divine intervention we managed to survive and i retain the use of my legs (Hooray). A few days travel later we were assaulted by a Solid Fog spell (I recognize it thanks to a HUGE look into the awesome abilities of a Dragonfire Adept... seriously, Dragon Magic book, base class, look it up.) and i had to watch as one of my friends stayed in the spell too long and near perished, I using the inspiration of my Homebrew Dragoon Lancer managed to safely Jump out of the wagon and avoid further damage from the White Dragons spell.

All in all i believe the entire world should mourn the loss of Gary Gygax, that Atari should be shot for butchering Daggerdale considering the time they had to put it together, and that D&D is one of the best ways to really challenge ones mind.

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