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One who studies of Chaos.

An instructor or professor who is erratic or psychotic.

Slaadi, with a doctorate.

Please excuse me if I am a bit erratic[1]. I do my best to be helpful in cleaning up game-balance issues as I come across them, and that is the primary thing I focus on in other peoples pages.

Because many people are offended easily, I'd like to ask you to do your best not to be. It's not really worth our time to get angry at each other. I use multiple routes to get my point across in discussions. If you don't understand what I'm getting at, or my reasoning seems foreign, ASK. I'm really trying to help. Slaadi just happen to eat humans sometimes though.

Also, I have my own projects. Sometimes, I see a class or a feat that is clearly missing. one that is easily broken/misused. Some ideas just carry over from other editions or other games... or some just seem to be missing. Customizations that just gnaw at you, for their absence.

Current Works[edit]

5.0 edition[edit]


Artificer, 2nd Variant (5e Class)

Undeath Domain, Variant (5e Archetype)

Diverse Background (5e Feat)

Human Subrace Feats (5e Race Variant) : includes planetouched, shadowfolk, dhampire, and others. additions are welcome.

Circle of Anathema (5e Archetype) : Urban, Planar, and other Heretic druids

Spirit Sharer (5e_Archetype) : This one was made to resemble the Binder class from 3.5, but less broken. The flavor is that, rather than having any actual patron, the warlock hosts hundreds of departed souls, each of whom is unwilling to move on to the next life. While few of these souls have any significant power on their own, the cumulative effect is enough.

I would appreciate review and feedback[edit]

AntiFeats (5e Variant Rule)

Dedicated Apprentice (5e Feat)

I have assisted with the following pages, though they are not mine[edit]

Psion (Discipline Variant) : page is currently locked, and cannot be edited.

Sentient Weapon (5e Race) : race is inherently problematic, causing it to be labeled "of questionable balance", as the character will be limited from many activities normally available (such as walking). I suggest the race for use with NPC characters as well as players who are willing to be highly dependant on their party. It creates a very unique play experience, and works very strangely with some classes.

3.5 edition[edit]

Mana-based Casting (3.5e Feat): This page was just so unbalanced, and impossible to understand that I just couldn't help fixing it. For now, however, all of my contributions are in the discussion page, rather than the main page.

Improved Spell Capacity (3.5e Feat): expands usefulness to non-epic level use.

Poor Saves (3.5e Flaw)

Upcoming Works[edit]

Dual Archetype Classes (5e Variant Rule)

  • subpages (5e Classes)

Cross-Class Archetypes (5e Variant Rule)

  • subpages (5e Classes)
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