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"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteosness, for they shall be filled." -Jesus Christ

Hello, dnd wiki users! Welcome to my page. I hope you like the stats I've made. Maybe you'll even learn something out of them. I confess that I'm new to this whole business, and so you'll have to search for these other pages yourself. All of my stats are representations of real people or things, and are all described according to reliable information, not by own opinions. I have for a long time been interested in representing reality with fantasy, and so that is what you can expect of me. However, I have no intention of being uncivil or rude. Enjoy! God bless you!

Pages I Have Made:[edit]


Albert Einstein worships mathematical formulas

Elvis Presley sings sexual, pro-drug "music" meant to numb the cranium

Plato believes philosophers should rule society

Socrates serves Asmodeus but pretends the Lower Planes don't exist


The Book represents the Holy Bible {AV 1611}


The Most High represents our Lord God Almighty

The Adversary represents Satan

Indra Vedic god of war and storms

Shiva Vedic god of destruction and liberation

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