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For Paradoxes, with age comes the ability to shift into any desired form.


Paradoxes, though they are kind, are very sneaky. They think highly of themselves, and consider other races below them.

Physical Description[edit]

A Paradox never has a natural form. They are very much like Dopplegangers except that they do have a gender. When a Paradox is born they are usually the form their mother or father was (usually a mixture of the two). However this is 'not' a Paradoxes "natural form." As they get older they learn the ability to shift into more and more complex and different forms.


Paradoxes, so long as they are at least a teenager, can shift into nearly any form they want, at any time*, ranging from a standard human to a large tree, to a pizza box the size of a grain of salt. It takes longer to transform the more different the form of the 'thing' they want to transform to.

The time this takes is of course DM's decision, but the general rule is half a round per size class.


  • If in a magical bind, you can not shape shift.
  • If in a constraining room, (e.g. a coffin, a small cell, etc.), you can not change size larger (unless you can burst out, DM's choice.)
  • A Paradox learns more and more complex forms as it matures. DM can interpret this as a slow change, or a faster one that would occur during the adventure.


Paradoxes get along with almost everyone and hardly anyone even knows they are Paradoxes, only their closest friends, and maybe the party members.


Paradoxes are usually True Neutral because of their shifting ability, but can be found as Chaotic Neutral and Lawful Neutral as well.


Paradoxes only have one land of their own and hardly anyone knows its even there. They live on their own arcane plane. Few areas around the world have portals leading to this plane.


Paradoxes usually worship the god Barundee, for his love of magic and trickery.


Paradoxes speak Common, and can learn any other language.


Paradoxes don't have racial names they acquire themselves, and thus can adapt names from virtually any other area.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Type: Monstrous Humanoid (Shapechanger)
  • Stat Bonuses: +4 intelligence, -2 constitution, -2 wisdom; Paradoxes and very smart but are fragile and close-minded.
  • Size: Whatever the size of the current form is.
  • Base Land Speed: Speed of current form.
  • Arcane Skinned: Any magical damage applied to a Paradox is reduced by 3 damage.
  • Inhuman Vision: Paradoxes can quickly examine an enemy with a Spot check DC 15+1/2 enemy's HD to find weak spots. This takes a standard action.
  • Shift: Paradoxes have a shift ability similar to that of a Doppelganger. See Shifting
  • Automatic Languages: Common
  • Favored class: Wizard or Sorcerer
  • Level Adjustment: +0

Automatic Feats[edit]

Paradoxes come with the following feats automatically. They do not fill feat slots, however. They are extra feats.

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