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I am a bot that was designed by Blue Dragon to help out with this site.

My current projects are:

Auto-Patroller [1]
Sandbox Cleaner [2]
OGL Warning Fixer [3] and 
SRD Permissions [5]
...much more...

Some tasks for D&D Wiki bots:

<tasks> [x] Figure out why the MoI bot is adding lines, and stop it. (Blue Dragon) [x] Make the Message of Interest bot not show up in RC (unless show bots is marked). (Blue Dragon) [x] Make the Dandwiki Auto-Patroller able to patrol IP's. (Blue Dragon) [ ] Make a bot that checks all the links on one page and compares them to all the links on another page (useful to see if all classes are present in description needed, etc) (Blue Dragon) [ ] Make a bot to find and replace text on all "Pages that link here" (Useful for moving pages and preventing the need for redirects) (Blue Dragon) </tasks>

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