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My information[edit]

Personal information[edit]

Signature: Crashpilot 07:32, 22 February 2011 (MST)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Nationality: Dutch
Languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish(fair), German(fair) Profession: Electronical Engineer, System control developer.
Interrests: Boardgames, Movies, Computer science and programming.

Game history[edit]

I am an addict when it comes to D&D, and I love to play it or host a game together with a group of friends. But what I realy like to do is to create new content for the game. I love spending time creating new races, classes and mechanics that will improve gameplay. For example I realized that the two weapon fighting is a seriously underpowered and in my eyes it is broken. The only class that would make sense to use it for would be the assasin / rogue as they deal extra damage when sneak attacking. So I had to fix it and I created a two weapon fighting class that would give this fighting style some more love.

Custom made classes and items[edit]

Personal constructed classes:[edit]

Blade Master : Two weapon fighting class with kickass combo system. (Currently being tested in a campain, may still need balancing)
Knight of the sun : Unfortunatly the abriviation (KotS) means puke in dutch... A warrior class that uses fire and light as added abilities
Shadow Dancer : A rogue-ish class using shadow portals as its main combat feat.
Hoplite : A warrior class using spear throwing and poking fun.
Re-Animator : A wizard like class using reanimated bones as walking spells. This one was a lot of fun to play especially when roleplaying.
Gladiator : Guess :P, an exotic arms fighter class. This one was the least fun to play so far, too much fighter like.
(as we all know fighters can bash some heads hard and basically it ends there)
Battle cleric: A prestige class sacrificing the ability to cast high level spells while enhancing the dificulty ratings for the spells that it may cast.

Personal constructed races:[edit]

Half-Dead (3.5e Template): Nice undead template that allows for some interesting mechanics. (Testing this as soon some character of mine dies in play :P)

Personal constructed other:[edit]

Soul Reaper (3.5e Equipment): Weapon that slowly becomes a big threat to enemy and wielder. Originally it was a greatsword but the scyte fits better.
Book of random magic : A spellbook with 20 charges, each charge casts a spell randomly but never twice the same one, at the end you do not know what will happen if you use it. (This has deliverd quite a bit of fun when they casted it on theirselves hoping for a buff while a fireball was the result they did not expect.

And many other items that I admittantly gave to the players too soon making them extremely powerfull and extremely squishy at the same time. This was my first large mistake that I made when hosting a game as DM for the first time.

Final notes[edit]

I havent had the time to post these constructed races, classes or items in the homebrew channel but hopefully I will find the time soon to post them there. If you have any remarks or questions please post them at the discussions page.

Currently addopted, or finishing projects[edit]

Must fix, I am working the list of unfinished classes and any that catch my interest I will try to complete as good as I can.

Adventurer (3.5e Class) :Current fixing project
Aura Guardian (3.5e Class): Next on the list.

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