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Design Note: The dragon is a composite character. You do not select a separate race, background, and class combination. You begin play with one level of the dragon class, which also includes all your racial features and background proficiencies. You cannot multiclass: when your level increases, you must take a level of the dragon class. This is because, as a monster, your unusual physiology is unsuitable for many features granted by other classes.

Physical Description[edit]

Asgorath is the physical embodiment of the multiverse itself. It is said that Asgorath, known as Io to the Outer Planes, created the planes themselves with a flap of his mighty wings. His domain is dragonkind, knowledge, magic, spells, and wealth. As an incarnation of the legendary primordial-turned-god, you represent him in any way you wish. Some incarnations have chosen to appear as a crimson dragon matching neither chromatic nor metallic dragons. Some incarnations have chosen to appear as a representation of the primal energies of the universe, such as space. Either way, all incarnations of Asgorath share many traits.


In the beginning, there were only six entities populating emptiness. These entities were the creators of worlds, called by the sages of Primal's days. Their names were Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Darkness. To facilitate their creative work, they gave existence to the beings we call Gods. Then the Gods created a new plan, and decided to populate it. While the Gods planned the building and settlement of the world, Io, the Dragon God, saw the still-glowing sphere that had been chosen to house the children of the Gods. He then took it for granted and flew to the plan he had built for himself, letting his peers work alone.

The creation followed, and Io was not rebuked for not being there to help, for the other Gods did not agree with his notion of beauty, preferring him to stay away and not to think. And, of course, they also feared rebuking him since he was the most powerful God among them. Too much had been created. The world was filled with the waters and its beauty, and it was also placed on the mainland and on it stones of many colors, and the air was made, and under and by the earth was placed the fire, as well as above the air, in the heavens, in the form of a sun.

When the Gods were satisfied in building the house of their most perfect children, they gathered to raise them, and returned it. Without listening to what the Gods had to say, and without knowing what had been created, he departed to the material plane, and was surprised by the beauty of everything he had seen. The world had been populated with new creations of the Goddess who had discovered life - these were simple but solid and powerful life forms designed to support the more complex creations of the Gods. Great quantities of Primal energy had been fused so that She would create the greatest variety of inanimate things and simple living beings whose energy would sustain any creatures that came to live there.

Io then flew over the world. He flew and observed everything that existed. And then, after carefully observing every aspect of what had been created, he breathed his breath upon the world. Filled with fury, the other Gods thought of starting a war against the Dragon God for trying to destroy everything they had created so far. But then the wisest of the Gods understood what had happened and stopped them. Io was raising his children. His breath served no purpose of destruction and death as the Gods had seen before, but he was instilling life from his own energy. In every thing she considered beautiful and imposing, Io breathed life, created from its own essence. The Dragon God might not be powerful enough to create entire worlds, but it was certainly to raise life from nothing, even if it was too complex and powerful.

And then his breath first touched a vein of gold, and his first sons won the heavens, the Golden Dragons. Then the breath of life continued, touching all kinds of metals and precious stones, creating the Metallic Dragons and the Dragons Gem. Then the breath went forth, touching pure manifestations of the primae elements, creating the caste of Elemental Dragons, although this did not occur as He had planned. Finally, Io decided to make use of his breath of life in the more complex basal creations that the Gods had realized, giving consciousness to his children with bodies made of whole places, like forests, volcanoes, deserts, seas, swamps ... God "Drag√£o usurped practically everything the other Gods had created without his presence, and said,

"In my children there is the strength of all that is in this sphere and the power of all that is in me. And unlike how you Gods will do, I will give them eternal life, and the potential to be all As well as the right to create inferior life to serve as servants and believers, as I had done with them, since, unlike you, Gods, I am not afraid of my creations, I know that I am omnipotent and unsurpassable, Sons and daughters may resemble me. "

Draconic Families

Io generated the bodies of his children from the energy of Primas already transformed and improved by the other Gods, in the creation of the material plane. His breath of life has animated all the beautiful and imposing things that have aroused his attention, and they can be grouped into 3 groups: precious metals, precious stones and landscapes. These are the bases of the three families: the Metallic Dragons, the Dragons Gem and the Chromatic Dragons, respectively.

The lords of the families of the Dragons aroused him: Tiamat, the Lady of the Chromatic; Bahamut, the Lord of Metals and Faluzure, the Lord of the Gems.

Among them, Faluzure was the most impetuous, and for having irritated Io, he had been disgraced. His flesh had rotted in his bones, and his name had been cursed forever, as an example of what would happen to others who disobeyed Io, the Father of the Dragons, and his name was erased from the minds of the younger ones by time.

As for the other lords, if Bahamut was the most thoughtful and wise, Tiamat was the most ruthless and chaotic. Both ruled their children with mastery, for they themselves were the perfect examples of everything they preached: Bahamut was wisdom, and Tiamat the force. Bahamut to calm, Tiamat the impetus. Bahamut was honor, and Tiamat pride.

Although each family was composed of different races, its members saw similarities among each other, since all metallic were weighted, adaptable and willing to change; The gems were beautiful, mysterious and instigating, and the chromatic ferocious, imposing and terrible. In the beginning, several races were part of each family, but over the years and the advent of the Council of Wyrms, only the five most powerful races remained as representatives, accounting for all the others of their entourage.

Asgorath Racial Traits[edit]

{{5e Racial Traits |summary=Large, winged, reptilian creatures with a lust for treasure. |abilities= Your Constitution score increases by 1, your Strength score increases by 1, and your Intelligence score increases by 2. |age=Dragons reach adulthood around 100, and are nearly ageless. |alignment=Any. Asgorath encompasses all alignments but is typically seen as True Neutral. |size=Your size is Medium. |speed=Your base walking speed is 35 feet. |trait1=Darkvision |description1=You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. |trait2=Lair |description2=Every dragon has a lair where, due to your accumulation of treasures, you take everything that has value. Sleeping in your lair and under your treasure reduces your rest time to half the time required. Anyone who approaches up to 60 feet from your lair alerts you to possible invaders, but does not give the exact location of them. The lair should typically be build in a terrain that fits your ancestry. Having a lair is not optional. |trait3=Dragon Body |description3=Although you are a powerful dragon, being a dragon also has some detriments. You can not wield weapons or use armor unless it is specifically tailored to you, and must find creative ways to wear rings, hats, and other apparel. |trait4=Eye for Money |description4=Whenever you make an Intelligence (Investigation) check related to gold, magical items, or gemstones, you are considered proficient in the Investigation skill and if you already have proficiency in it, your proficiency bonus is doubled for to the check. |trait5=Dragon Type |description5=You may choose a dragon type. Your choice grants you resistance to the damage type associated with your Dragon Type and determines the damage type of your Dragon Breath. |trait6=Incarnation of Asgorath |description6=As an incarnation of the great dragon god himself, you gain powers specific to his domain and pantheon, and act directly under the god's will. |languages= You can speak, read, and write Common, Draconic, and one extra language of your choice. |subrace=

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