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Thank you for visiting my profile!

There isn't much content (for now)

Just to let you know, I have a brother who also uses the same network as me. I do not have any alt accounts. He is GarrettKnight

Using the DND wiki and playing Dungeons and Dragons are two of my favorite things.

  • Goal(s)
  1. Make a Race
  2. Make 200 edits: Complete!
  3. Make 20 creatures
  4. Make 10 spells
  5. Follow the rules
  6. Get a badge!

Stuff I made[edit]

I've created a few pages the pages I created I will add a link to my profile, I have forgotten a few but here are most of them!

  • Creatures
  1. Autonomous Giant Chicken
  2. Adamantine Warrior
  3. Dire Shrub
  4. Gemstone Elemental
  5. The Warden
  6. Pizza Blob
  7. Crazed Piranha
  • Equipment
  1. Pizza
  2. Unholy Water
  • Curses
  1. The Stiffening
  • Traps
  1. Adamantine Suprise
  • Other people's pages I like:
  1. True Moment
  2. Object Head (Race)
  3. Arcane Puppeteer
  4. Catacombs of the Cold Legion
  5. Plague Doctor

Kirbonian 5e Race

  • Pages I'm working on
  • Cool Users!

Marasmusine GarrettKnight

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