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Hello I call my self Baharas but that's not my real name if you wan't to know my real name then you will just have to ask me and I might tell you.

My Contributions

Well here is some stuf that I created I have created many things and I am not going to put everything in here just few things becous it will take me few weeks to put everything on this site that I have created with my friends.

Well I am going to put in "the Mirror magic" that my friend created and I helped with and I am going to put one thing on this as well that I am sure that no one will use "the other personality". If anyone whatn's some help creating class,race or something else I will see what I can do if you want me to help you.


Friends: none at the moment. if you want to be my friend then you just have to talk to me and after few days I might put you on the list if I like you

About Me

Well like I said in the beggining you will have to ask my for my name but I will tell you that I live on Iceland so you can guess what time I go after. I have played D&D for three years now and I know lots of things about d&d. I have created around 100 characters I have created a Demon,Devil, Angel, Dragons and many other races as well and I will put my newest character down here:
  • Name:Zarok
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Fighter/5
  • Size: Large
  • Alignment: CN
  • Str: 26/8
  • Dex: 20/5
  • Con: 22/6
  • Int: 18/4
  • Wis: 17/3
  • Cha: 18/4
  • Weapon: Spiked Towershield DAM:1d8+8 (cant gain AC Bonus)
  • Armor:Full plate AC bonus: 8
  • Shield: TowerShield AC bonus: 4
  • AC:10+8(armor)+4(Shield)+1(Dex)-1(Size)=22
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