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insectoid(entobian like)[edit]

base traits: small,insect trait:+reflex,+hide

seeker: keen senses,scent

servant: +speed, +reroll Will save when stun or dazed,+bonus to heal

subordinate: +skill, +teamwork(guidance,know direction,goodberry?)


nulls insect trait

(alertness) wings+sonic daggers

(endurance) +speed, +tail(natural trip piercing weapon)

(...) bonus in full defense mode...+DR


soldier: traits,number HD

queen: traits,number HD

seer: +skill +Detect Snares and Pits 1/day

d20 modern setting draft[edit]

7 empires

empire of human- genetically enhanced castes (noble House,citizen,lower castes)

alien race - economyc based(brain,trader, mercenaries), mercenaries are a product from brain

conqueror race - savage with scream,

shadow arcane imperium?

compatible Centauri Alliance- Buck Rogers- Space 1999- Lost in Space-Sleeping Imperium?

Drows/eladrin in space?



Aerovores Aquazombies Biotraders Cloud Kings Of Castor Metallic Butterflies Sphere Rulers Of Delta Scorpii Spiralsaurs Transdimensional Skunks

Civiliztion generator

Government: (Communism,Monarchy, Despotism,Republic, Democracy,Militarist)(spidercracy,teocracy,hive)(corporationist,trading union)

Biologics: (gremlin,human like,beast like,gray)(reptiloid,insectoid,birdlike,fishlike,antropomorphic)(myth)(elemental,mineral)(slimy blob)

Enhancements:(artificial,robot,hybrid,environmental, genetic improvement,psychic)(depredatory,vampiric/parasitic,xenomorphic)(magic)(multiple limb)(hybrid) setting[edit]

World has been broken into pieces

End World the world of the future if everything brokes down

Twiligth world survivals from the past

Dark World dark elves empire, they broke it, plan is underdark with a drider dwarf

Hellish demi plane succubus and Alpha Omega: The Beginning and The End

demiplanes united[edit]

plane of succubus

dream plane

setting 5e/Legend compatible[edit]

Mongrelfolk, Changeling,Lizardfolk(monk),Goblin
Human(many subraces?)
Elves Blood &Shadow,Dwarf,Whisper Gnome
Dragonborn,Hellbreed,Illumian(as template)

Later on:
halfling,orc,ogre, Kenku,Crabman,Catfolk,Gnoll,Hadozee,Killoren

Expanded Chaos[edit]

Fixing: Chaos Mage (mongoose) & Wild Mage

New Classes: Chaos Rogue


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