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Hi, I'm AmplSi or Amplified Silence. I'm quite new to tabletop RPGs and I'm starting the foundations of making homebrew content.

I was introduced to D&D towards the end of 2016, and have since been part of a 5e campaign that gets streamed live on twitch most Wednesday nights.

I was immediately intrigued by the thought of homebrewed content, and as I discovered more about the game and community, I was (and still am) amazed at the extent of what has been created. Due to this and, having seen that there is still room for originality, I've begun my attempts to provide this community with same the uniqueness and quality that they've provided to me.

I am passionate about my ideas and am always looking for feedback. I'd be honored for somebody to use or make their own variants or derivatives of my work, but I ask that you at least credit me.

Contributions: Original Works[edit]



Contributions: Derivative Works[edit]

  • None so far

Things I Want to Work On[edit]

  • Finish Quantumancer
  • Shapeshifting variation of the Primal Path of the Totem Warrior, inspired by the Path of the Lycan archetype for Matthew Mercer's Blood Hunter class. (see for his work)
  • Imbuer archetype for Artificer or Wizard
  • A Chronomancer Wizard archetype (inspired by multiple classes/archetypes on this site, as well as Tracer from Overwatch)
  • Jedi- and Sith-like archetypes for Monk
  • Zenyatta-inspired Monastic Tradition
  • New Warlock archetype: The Outsider patron based on Dishonored
  • Vampire and Runemage archetypes for Matthew Mercer's Blood Hunter
  • A couple of magic items, including a Ring of Omnificence, Cloak of Borealis, Castlevania-like combat cross, and various others.
  • Some new weapon types, including Defensive (like parrying daggers) and Transforming/Bifurcated (like a sword hidden in a cane)
  • Find or Make a way to apply multiclassing to archetypes without the class (treat them sorta like Prestige classes?)
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