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Hello. I finally made the move to set up an account after lurking around for a couple of months. I got a feel for how things work around here, and it seems like a good place to submit my ogl works.

I'm a, (relatively), active user on the WotC Previous Editions forums, but after a short conversation with their legal team, I'm unsure of my rights of posting ogl material in conjunction with their TOU.

I hope that the community here becomes an active part in helping me to build a better D&D game for myself and my players.

Current Projects[edit]

I've adopted the 3.5 Red Fox

Current off-site projects[edit]

Some of these are a little idle at the moment.

System Link Description
D&D 3.5 WotC Forums - Building Scalable Encounters Encounters that can be used regardless of party level
D&D 3.5 WotC Forums - Powerful/Broken Spells A review of spells that are 'broken', and how to fix them
D&D 3.5 Nifty Messageboards - Helping the Fighter My attempt at helping the fighter be a better class
Any/All WotC Group - Furries in Chainmail A resource for furry gaming, across all games
d20 Modern/Future Google Docs - d20 Fallout folder d20 Fallout project.

Frequently Used Links[edit]

Sites that I frequent for D&D, as well as other games

System Reference Documents[edit]

Site Link Description
Sovelior Sage HTML SRD

d20 Modern SRD

A handy HTML SRD for both D&D 3.5 and d20 Modern. Lacks d20 Future, Arcana and Menace Manual, sadly.
Pathfinder Reference Document The PRD; The Pathfinder answer to the SRD
The Hypertext d20 SRD I'm not sure if I prefer the layout of this SRD or the Sovelior Sage SRD above...

GM and Campaign advice, ideas and general tips[edit]

Site Link Description
Roleplaying Tips Very useful. GMing tips, advice and ideas. Not specific to any game, although leans heavily towards fantasy.
Campaign Mastery Much like Roleplaying Tips, (it's run by the same guy along with his friend), it's an invaluable resource for GMing. It sometimes strikes me as having a 'GM vs. PCs' attitude, however.
Strolen's Citadel Chock full of little tidbits that can easily be dropped into any adventure or campaign. Magic items, monsters, plot hooks, adventure seeds, NPCs, traps, locations...
D&D Adventures More tidbits. It's a little rough around the edges, but there's useful things to be found.


Site Link Description
Crystal Keep Index of (almost) all WotC D&D 3.5 material in PDF format for easy downloading and portability.
IMarvinTPA's D&D Database Online index of WotC D&D 3.5 material, with a handy search feature.
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