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Ketesk (Cole)(Doctor Featherhand)[edit]

(Names in parentheses are other names, see Dracon race page.)

Race: Near Dracon

Class: Strategist

Background: Sealed Ancient (custom background, not on wiki. Basically a creature from long ago that was sealed away somehow and has only recently returned)


Gender: Male

Age: 966 (Due to his time in the stasis chamber, he is physically 137)

Height: 6ft. 4in.

Weight: 278 lbs.

Hair: Two small horns about an inch and a half long that are angle out behind him. They are a pale gold near their bases and near white at the tips. They are too small to really use in combat.

Eyes: Pale gold with darker pupils

Skin: Pale gold under his golden scales

Characteristic: Ketesk appears like a dragon on two legs. He wears and ancient looking robe custom tailored for his wings. He has a set of wings with a wingspan of 12ft. 8in., as well as a tail that sometimes is hidden by his robes. His hands are clawed and he has noticably sharp fangs as well as a dragon-like muzzle. He appears tall and strong and can be an encouraging, or intimidating, sight. He has an awkward walk, due to his legs being more suited for a four-legged creature, however, this does not slow him down. Despite seeming strong, he isn't overly muscled. His face can seem emotionless, but does nothing to hide the kindness in his eyes. His voice is deep with a ringing baritone.


Ketesk can seem emotionless. He is actually very kind, friendly, and even noble. He enjoys a good laugh, but when need arises, can be deadly serious. He enjoys company with others, especially his family, whom he hopes to see again or at least discover their fates. He dislikes fighting, but would never abandon his friends and allies. He is somewhat vain, prefering his scales clean. He is also very sensitive about his wings. He hates anyone touching them. He likes to think the best of people, but is not naive.

As a scientist's assistant, he doesn't worship much. He does wish to avoid angering any gods, just in case, and may occasionally whisper a prayer to Io and sometimes Bahamut. He may use Tiamat's name as a curse or part of a threat.
  • I sometimes seem to gazed off at nothing for no reason. I'm really just remembering my family.
  • Balance. When the world is out of balance, everyone suffers. I will try to put it to right.
  • I had a large family back in my time. Are any still alive? What happened to them?
  • I can be too kind for my own good. I just have to at least somewhat trust people.




Ketesk is the only member of his family to hatch as a near dracon. His kind were experiments with genesis magic by a High Elf whom they know as Father. Ketesk enjoyed helping others, and was taught how to heal. He got his nickname, "Doctor Featherhand" when he helped bandage one of his brothers who flew into a wall. That brother claimed that Ketesk's touch was light as a feather and that he had barely felt Ketesk. As result, his family started calling Ketesk "Doctor Featherhand" or often times just "Featherhand.". Ketesk also liked working with animals and would often describe his family as a horde of animals themselves, but he loved them anyways. Despite that, he felt isolated from his siblings, as he was different. He often travelled before his father offered him a "job" as his assistant. He was usually on hand if his father needed him and often studied the seemingly insignificant small changes that fascinated his father. Eventually, however, war broke out and changed everything. Squads of automatons usually led by a commander would appear at their doorstep, first requesting support, then demanding surrender. When one squad would not leave and they proved a match for Ketesk's father's defenses, Ketesk rallied his siblings and led them in a plan that would successfully drive off the invaders and mark the beginning of Ketesk's time as a warrior. But not everything can be fought. When the plans for the Almagest Spellbomb were introduced, Ketesk's father feared for his family. With his family's help, he made dozens of stasis chambers that were designed to be nearly indestructable, work despite any outside influence (like the Spellbomb's Antimagic Field), and last until Doomsday. On his 137th birthday, Ketesk was sealed into his stasis chamber in a bunker recently created for this event by his 500+ year old father. Not even one minute later, the Spellbomb was cast, but Ketesk was already asleep. Most of the stasis chambers were still destroyed, despite their near indestructablity, however Ketesk's survived, but was damaged. Now Ketesk's chamber lies in a hidden, badly damaged, pre-war bunker somewhere, waiting to be awoken again. However, due to the damage on his stasis chamber, his memories are a cloudy mess. All his memories are unclear and uncertain. All except his family, his father and his experiments, and his home, now lost to him forever.

Agrith/Ketesk Bluebook

Faction: None[edit]

Renown: 0

Rank: None



LVL: 1

XP: 300 \ 0

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Inspiration: No

Plot Points: 1

Hero Points: 5

Ability Score Adjustment Modifier
STR 15 +3 (+4)
CON 12 +0 (+1)
DEX 14 +0 (+2)
INT 16 +0 (+3)
WIS 12 +0 (+1)
CHA 10 +0 (+0)
HON 13 +0 (+1)
SAN 13 +0 (+1)

Size: Medium

Speed: 30ft.

  • Crawling: 15ft.
  • Climbing: 15ft.
  • Swimming: 15ft.
  • Flying: 15ft.
  • High Jump: 7
    • From Standing: 4
    • Reach Bonus: 9ft. 6in.
  • Long Jump: 18 ft.
    • From Standing: 9 ft.

Push, Drag, & Lift: 540 lbs.

Suffocation: 2 minutes without air

Starvation: 4 days without food

UAC: 14

AC: 14

HD: 1d10

HP: 11\11

Massive Damage Threshold: 5

Traits & Features[edit]

Ketesk's egg was created using DNA from a gold dragon. Thus, he is decended from gold dragons and is of the Dragon creature type.
Resistance to Fire
Standard 60ft Darkvision
Claws (his unarmed strikes do slashing damage)
Fangs (1d4 natural piercing weapon that can only be used while grappling, he is proficient)
Wings (15ft fly speed, cannot flight if area cannot accomodate his wings or if he is wearing a backpack, clothing, or armor not specially tailored for his wings. He cannot fly carrying more than 25 lbs. in excess weight. He can negate fall damage as long as he can halfway extend his wings. Attacks to his back damages his wings (he cannot fly with damaged wings))
Tail (1d4 natural bludgeoning weapon that can hit enemies who would be able to attack his back (enemies behind him). Can perform this attack as a reaction to an enemy attacking his back and missing. He is proficient)
Scales (+2 AC if not wearing armor. If he dropped to half his hit points, he ignores the bonus until he is fully healed.
Breath Weapon (10ft cone of fire that does 1d6 fire damage with a Dexterity saving throw (DC 9) to take half that much)
Has disadvantage on Charisma checks.
Can give 1 strategy point to any number of allies within 60ft as a bonus action. Allies with get a +1 bonus to attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws per strategy points they have. These bonuses last 1 hour.
Has 4/4 Strategy Points. These recover after a short or long rest.
Can give Strategy Points until they have 1 Strategy Point(s) on them.





Intelligence and Dexterity


Simple, Firearms


Light, Medium, and Heavy


Healer's Kit


Animal Handling, Arcana, Medicine, Perception


Common (older dialect) and Draconic



Robes with a belt pouch, an Automatic Pistol (reload (15), ammunition (50/150), 2d6 Piercing) with 15 bullets loaded, 30 extra bullets, and 10 gp.

Payload: 11 lbs.

Encumbered: 90 lbs.

Heavily Encumbered: 180 lbs.

Encumbrance Limit: 270 lbs.


A custom tailored backpack containing 4 days worth of rations, 2 full waterskins, and a healer's kit is conceal beneath the floor of his stasis chamber. The center of the floor will rise up about an inch. If it is pushed back down, it will open entirely, revealing the storage space with the backpack. May need check to notice?



Total Downtime Awarded: -

Downtime Spent: -

No Activities
  • Payment: 0 days, no lifestyle.
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