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Uriel, the Revered One

Symbol: Black silhouette of an eagle with its wings spread and head turned to the right.
Home Plane: Hursag
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Destiny, Half-Orcs, any creature with both orc and human blood
Clergy Alignments: Any (Except Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral)
Domains: Destiny (Races of Destiny), Protection, War,
Favored Weapon: Glaive (actually a Guisarme)
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Uriel has the appearance of a half-orc which strongly favors its orc parent. He always appears ready to strike in anger. He is usually seen wearing his plate armor and carrying his mighty Glaive, insert name. Uriel is the de facto head of the pantheon although he strongly relies on his half-sister Hursag for advice. He is strongly protective of his family and constantly searching for means to improve both the lot of his family and half-orcs in general.


Uriel encourages that Half-orcs take greatness for themselves in whatever endeavor they pursue. It is not good enough to be servants to other races and pawns to be toyed with. It is better to die making your own decisions than than to live at another race's whim. He has no problems with hierarchies or for half-orcs serving in the ranks of another's army so long as the opportunity for advancement exists. But at his core, Uriel preaches one important message, in the end all the other races look down upon half-orcs and members of the race must unite if it is to reach greatness. Family must be held in high regard. They are your closest support.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Being part of a newly (as far as deities go...) arisen pantheon, Uriel's following is relatively small with few temples. They are often stone fortifications of some sort or other. The clergy function as leaders often in the community and especially so on the field of battle. Armed with their Glaives they often form a strike line behind the valiant defenders. Within the community they have the power to make quick decisions when they deem necessary.

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