Unrelenting Divine Fury (3.5e Feat)

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Unrelenting Divine Fury [Paladin]

When facing terrible foes, one who is able to smite the enemy should not relinquish their god given power so easily.
Prerequisite: The ability to use smite and make more than one attack per turn.
Benefit: A character with this feat is able to apply their smiting ability to all melee attacks they make within the turn of activation. Essentially a Paladin of level 6 would be able to (normally) make two attacks with their full attack. Both attack rolls would add the Paladin's charisma bonus and damage equal to the Paladin's level (in this case 6 damage would be added to each attack). This augmented way of smiting still only requires the user to be able to smite a once.
Normal: A character without this feat only applies their smite ability to one melee attack per use of the smite ability.

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