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Undead Soul[edit]

Sorcerer Subclass

Oops, you died, or at least you thought you did. After passing through the veil and saying your last goodbyes you found yourself not in the afterlife, but in a new body. Reborn with your memories clouded but an innate knowledge of the world around you. Your soul has seen death and no longer fears it. Having crossed the border between life and death you are not truly living, nor are you undead, you are an outlier. Holy men and clerics may sense your unholy nature and seek to vanquish you, undead may flock to you for help passing on. How you deal with the blessings, and curses, that come with this second life is up to you.

Innate Necrosis

You have resistance to necrotic damage but are vulnerable to radiant damage. You can only be healed through necrotic damage, potions, or resting. Any attempt to heal you with divine magic instead damages you for the number rolled.

Hybrid Nature

You have two creature types: Humanoid and undead. You can be affected by a game effect if it works on either of your creature types.

Morbid Curiosity

When you learn a sorcerer spell or cantrip you can instead switch it with a spell of the same level from the necromancy school of magic, this becomes a sorcerer spell for you.

Held by Magic

At 6th level, you don't rely on various organs or a bloodstream anymore. Your body has become immune to critical hits and you don't suffer from critical injury abilities such as bleeding or a broken limb. You are also can't suffer levels of exhaustion.

When the effects of this feature or your Broken Body feature are witnessed by others, you suffer a -4 on all Charisma checks used to socialize with them and a -2 for anyone who has heard about the event and can identify you as said person. This effect instead turns into a bonus for Intimidation checks.

Broken Body

At level 14 ff you lose a limb, provided that the injury is not fatal, you can spend a short rest to reattach it. If the limb is lost beyond recovery, a similar limb from a humanoid of roughly the same size can be used instead. The new limb is treated as the original though you must spend 24 hours to "attune" and master a limb that is not your own.

Undead Form

Starting at level 18, as a bonus action you can consume 10 sorcery points to assume an undead form to mirror your soul. This form lasts until you are incapacitated or knocked out, or until combat finishes (DM's discretion). While in this form you are immune to poison, and have advantage on Intimidation checks against living creatures. This form can be any undead creature whose CR is equal to or lower than your HD.

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