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Undead NOS[edit]

Medium undead, usually evil

Armor Class 9
Hit Points 13 (2d8 + 4)
Speed 30

11 (+0) 9 (-1) 14 (+2) 10 (+0) 8 (-1) 5 (-3)

Saving Throws wis, cha
Damage Resistances Acid, Piercing
Damage Immunities Necrotic, Poison
Senses passive Perception X
Languages Common

Features and Flaws An undead NOS has from 10 to 26 items on the d100 List below. Some of these are features. Some of these are flaws.

Most undead NOS have the following features:

Dark Vision Most undead NOS can see in the dark up to 60 feet, seeing only in shades of gray (except see the Light roll group in the d100 List).

Unsleeping Most undead NOS never sleep (except see the Sleep roll group in the d100 List).

No Need to Breathe Most undead NOS do not need to breathe to survive, but 50% of them pass out after 1 minute if prevented from breathing.

Piercing Does Not Kill Piercing damage does not ever drop an undead NOS below 1 HP.


Common Weapon Attack: Common weapon, reach 5 feet. Attack bonus and damage shown on the Undead NOS Table below under 'Att+' and 'Dmg'. Available common weapons are:

  1. short sword 1d6 piercing.
  2. mace 1d6 bludgeoning.
  3. scimitar 1d6 slashing.
  4. sickle 1d4 slashing, provides advantage when attack attempt is combined with spell, or disadvantage on save.
  5. club 1d4 bludgeoning, or anything that can be reasonably used as a club.
  6. dagger 1d4 piercing. This may be hidden, and may include poison on the first hit attempt.

No Finesse Undead NOS may not benefit from the finesse of the weapons listed, and must use their strength bonus in all cases.

Spell: Undead NOS each have a spell effect that they can use once per day (midnight to midnight) as shown on the Undead NOS Table. They may have a number of slots to cover all the spells at lower CRs equal to their HD. So for example a 'necromancer' can use counterspell once per day, and has 5 slots to cover all the spells heat metal, detect thoughts, and unmending, so for example may do heat metal twice, and unmending three times during a day.

Some undead do not fit into the standard creature categories. For them there is the Undead NOS (not otherwise specified). This creature is especially useful for creating undead that are not enemies for some reason, undead that act more like NPCs. Undead NOS can range from very weak 5 HP undead rabble, to 666 HP undead warlock patrons. The undead NOS 'levels' are shown on the Undead NOS Table below. The numbers shown in the stat block to the left are for undead NOS with 2 HD. These are the most common.

Most undead NOS have the following characteristics excepting as modified by items from the d100 List:

Most undead NOS can be detected as evil using an appropriate spell or feature (except see item 6 on the d100 List).
Most undead NOS can be detected within 10 feet as undead by the smell of rot (except see item 8 on the d100 List).
Most undead NOS do not have memories from their life before they became undead (except see item 73 on the d100 List).
No Class
Most undead NOS do not have a class. (except see item 71 and 89 on the d100 List).
Most undead NOS have no problem with sunlight, (except see the Light roll group in the d100 List).
No ASI's
Undead NOS lose all the ASI's they had in life.


This creature has not been balanced to use as a PC race, however trying out something like this is possible. If you do, you can pick items from the d100 list to build the character, making sure that you pick an equal number of items that have a + on them and a - on them from the d100 list. Items in the +/- column that have an r are good for role playing, and ones that have an x can not be used for PCs.

Roll Groups

The d100 List is divided into 17 'roll groups' of 6 items each.

Progressive Damage
The Prog. Dmg. Roll Group includes damage that does not heal. This affects a victim when the undead NOS does a critical hit on them, and also affects the undead NOS when a critical hit is done on them. All progressive damage to victims disappears if the undead NOS is destroyed.

Midnight to Midnight

A number of features and such use the term 'day'. Rather than having features and abilities recharge at the end of a long rest, daily features and abilities that use the term 'day' mean the period between one midnight and the next midnight, and if there is a recharge, that happens at midnight. Similarly recovery of hit points, spell slots etc. happens at midnight rather than at the end of a long rest.

Undead NOS Table[edit]

There are 6 strength levels of undead NOS as shown below:

1d6 HD HP CR XP Att+ Dmg d100 list Wis DC Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Title Spell Roll on d100 List
1 1 5 1/4 50 +1 1d20 10 rolls 10 2d8 3d4 3d6 3d4 2d4 1d4 rabble unmending roll 1d100 below
2 2 13 1/2 100 +3 2d12 13 rolls 13 3d6 2d8 5d4 2d8 3d4 2d4 horde detect thoughts roll 1d100 below
3 3 23 1 200 +5 3d10 17 rolls 17 5d4 3d6 4d6 3d6 2d8 3d4 dead spawn heat metal roll 1d100 below
4 5 33 2 450 +8 5d8 20 rolls 20 4d6 5d4 6d4 5d4 3d6 2d8 necromancer counterspell roll 1d100 + 1 below*
5 8 72 5 1800 +11 8d6 23 rolls 23 6d4 4d6 5d6 4d6 5d4 3d6 oligarch cloudkill roll 1d100 + 1 below*
6 13 666 13 10,000 +13 13d4 26 rolls 26 5d6 6d4 7d6 6d4 4d6 5d4 patron finger of death roll 1d100 + 2 below*
  • Items 101 and 102 are in the 'Domination' Roll Group.

d100 List[edit]

Roll 10 to 26 times on this d100 table depending on the number of rolls specified in the 'd100 list' column in the undead NOS table above:

1d100 Roll Group 1d6 +/- Feature or Flaw Description and Particulars
1 Alignment 1 - Unholy You can be warded by Good holy symbols, their touch does 2d6 damage to you.
2 Alignment 2 - Unlawful You can be warded by Lawful holy symbols, their touch does 2d6 damage to you.
3 Alignment 3 - Crosses Hurt You can be warded by crosses, their touch does 2d6 damage to you.
4 Alignment 4 - Evil Presence Each creature within 60 feet of you feels the presence of great evil (wisdom DC 5), and takes 1 HP necrotic damage per round.
5 Alignment 5 - Holy Water Hurts Touch by holy water does 2d6 damage. You are warded if recognize it as holy water.
6 Alignment 6 r Not Actually Evil Your alignment is 1)LN, 2)NG, 3)NN, 4)NN, 5)NN, 6)CN, or pick a neutral alignment.
7 Body 1 - Bandage Covered Unwrapping you, the undead, destroys you.
8 Body 2 + Looks Alive To detect that you are undead, a creature must make a DC25 Perception, insight, or religion roll to detect that you are undead. Once per week.
9 Body 3 Lycanthropy On full moon you turn into a 1)manrat 2)manwolf 3)manbat 4)mancat 5)manjackal 6)manspider (halve your Intelligence, add the lost points to your Strength).
10 Body 4 - Slime Covered You die if you dry out. You lose 2d6 hit points per hour after leaving a liquid place until you die.
11 Body 5 + Snake Form You can shapechange to giant snake 1/day for hour (You halve Dexterity, add lost points to your Strength).
12 Body 6 + Regeneration You regenerates HP per turn equal to hit dice.
13 Contact 1 Acid Skin Your touch does acid damage as listed for HD above, hits on undead destroy most non-magical weapons.
14 Contact 2 + Cold Touch Your touch does acid damage as listed for HD above, hits on undead by metal weapons damage the wielder 1d6 cold per turn until weapon warms up (1,2 on 1d6)
15 Contact 3 + Common Disease Your touch or bite - Lose 1d6 damage from disease per day cumulative until succeed at DC 15 con save. Damage restored when save. Contageous.
16 Contact 4 + Mind Touch Your touch or bite afflicts victim with horrible nightmares of undead's death, Lose 1 int point per day cumulative until succeed on DC 15 wis save. Int restored when save.
17 Contact 5 + Necrotic Your touch or bite does necrotic damage as listed for HD above, hits on undead destroy most wooden weapons.
18 Contact 6 + Poison Bite Your bite does poison damage as listed for HD above. hits on undead by magic weapons damage the wielder 1d6 poison per turn until washed.
19 Domination 1 + Fascination You have extreme beauty and seduce and/or control creature of your original race on a failed DC15 wisdom save for 10 minutes (save advantage if not your race).
20 Domination 2 + Possession You may possess a character within 15 feet if it fails the DC save listed for HD above until char makes a save, save once per week.
21 Domination 3 + Undead Minions If your HD exceeds 1, you may have 1 minion creature per hit die. These minions must have fewer HD than the undead NOS.
22 Domination 4 + Voodoo Doll may be used to control or damage a character within 1 mile, damage on the HD table above. fire or acid damage destroys doll. Makes 1 doll per day.
101 Domination 5 + Undead Spawn Given available 'materials' you may spawn one CR 1 undead per day. You may choose from among 1)CR1 Undead NOS, 2)Ghoul, 3)Spectre, 4)CR1 Undead from other book. Your Undead NOS must have an equal number of + and - Features and Flaws.
102 Domination 6 x Warlock Patron You automatically have 13 HD. You may be , patron for up to 13 warlocks. PCs with this do not become patrons until level 13, but know a number of other patrons equal to their HD.
23 Energy 1 Death's Presence Creatures within HDx10 feet of you feel the presence of death.
24 Energy 2 Fear & Loathing Creatures within HDx10 feet of you fear and loathe you.
25 Energy 3 + Friendship Living humanoids are friends within HDx10 feet of you.
26 Energy 4 + Illusion All places within HDx10 feet of you become illusions under your control
27 Energy 5 + Passionless All desire to fight you drains away from all creatures within HDx10 feet of you.
28 Energy 6 Visions Nearby creatures (within 1 mile) have terrifying dreams and visions of you.
29 Feeding 1 Blood Drinker You gain your sustenance by drinking blood.
30 Feeding 2 - Food Rots Inside You can eat standard foodstuff but it rots inside your body, and is not digested.
31 Feeding 3 Human Flesh You heat human flesh or at least only humanoid flesh.
32 Feeding 4 - Shadow Feeding You can feed off of creatures; shadows causing a temporary CON reduction.
33 Feeding 5 Vampire Fangs You can ingest blood or other liquids directly into your 'bloodstream' by sucking it up with your fangs.
34 Feeding 6 Poison and Acid You may only gain sustenance by eating poison and acid, to which you are immune.
35 Hindrances 1 - Detach Head You may detach your head, It does not fly (but see item 55 below). If something removes your head from your body, you take no damage and do not die.
36 Hindrances 2 - Pass Walls You are unable to touch things, or walls.
37 Hindrances 3 - Running Water You can not cross running water.
38 Hindrances 4 x Heart Stake You are immobilized by a stake through the heart. This does not kill you however.
39 Hindrances 5 - Head Stake You are immobilized by a stake through the head. This does not kill you however.
40 Hindrances 6 - Very Slow Your movement speed it 10 feet per round. You destroy doors and such on a critical hit. Your movement is inexorable.
41 Ichor 1 Animate Undead You were animated by magic
42 Ichor 2 r Cursed Undead You were animated by a curse
43 Ichor 3 r Eldritch Undead You were animated by Chthulhu or some other deep evil.
44 Ichor 4 Immortal Undead You were animated by your desire for power or immortality
45 Ichor 5 Viral Undead You were animated by some virus, microbes, or disease. You are contagious by 1)touch, 2)bite, 3)breath, 4)your death
46 Ichor 6 Worm Powered Your undeath is powered by worms which fully infest your body.
47 Light 1 - Dark Blindness You are blind in the dark, just like all respectable humanoids.
28 Light 2 - Daylight Hurts You are vulnerable to daylight.
49 Light 3 - Daytime Mist You are gaseous form during the day, reforming after sunset.
50 Light 4 - Light Blindness You are blinded by bright light or daylight.
51 Light 5 - Radiant Damage You are vulnerable to radiant damage.
52 Light 6 - Sunlight Kills You are killed by direct sunlight, taking 2d6 points of damage per turn until dead.
53 Movement 1 + Air Walking You can walk through the air as if you were on flat surfaces or stairs.
54 Movement 2 + Coffin Teleport You can return to your coffin as an action using a teleport.
55 Movement 3 + Flying Head Your head can fly when detached from your body. Combine with item 35 above or you might be only a flying head.
56 Movement 4 + Flying Wings You have wings for flying at twice your movement speed: 1)bat, 2)vulture, 3)fly, 4)bone wings.
57 Movement 5 + Gaseous Form You may assume gaseous form as an action or return from gaseous form as an action at will.
58 Movement 6 + Submariner You can walk along the bottom surface of a body of water. You do not get stuck in the mud or swept away by the current.
59 Obsession 1 r To Feel Life Again You can feel life by 1)contact, or 2)feeding on someone (see feeding roll group above).
60 Obsession 2 r Killing Evil You obsessively try to kill or destroy all evil (or all non-evil?).
61 Obsession 3 r Keeping Oath You must keep an oath you made in life to 1)guard, 2)server, 3)slay - something or someone.
62 Obsession 4 r Resurrection You are obsessed by the prospect of being resurrected to life. You will do ANYTHING to bring this about.
63 Obsession 5 r Revenge Vengeance against either 1)those who killed you or 2) those who killed your loved one(s).
64 Obsession 6 r Returning Home You are obsessed with returning to your home.
65 Progressive 1 + Ability Damage Critical hits permanently reduce 1 ability by 1d4 points: 1)Str, 2)Dex, 3)Con, 4)Int, 5)Wis, 6)Cha until you are destroyed or your victim becomes undead.
66 Progressive 2 + Corpse Fading Critical Hits cause you to be drawn further and further into the afterlife. You fade. Every fade reduces your HP by 1d6 permanently.
67 Progressive 3 + +
68 Progressive 4 + Life Fading
69 Progressive 5 + +
70 Progressive 6 + +
71 Quirks 1 + Class You have a class with level = HD: 1)monk, 2)bard, 3)sorcerer, 4)blood hunter. An undead NOS is limited to level 13. Beyond that level, an undead NOS gains no more class levels, but does gain 4x standard HP per level until reaching 666 HP. Undead NOS start at level 2 with 2 HD.
72 Quirks 3 Eidolon Image To each person who sees you, you look like them. You may choose to be visible to only one humanoid at a time.
73 Quirks 2 r Life Memories You remember the life you had before you became undead.
74 Quirks 4 - Moon Reveals You are revealed to be undead in moonlight.
75 Quirks 5 - Moon Weakness In moonlight, you lose 3 points each to Str, Dex, and Con, and gain 1 point each to Wis, Int, and Cha.
76 Quirks 6 + Tele-Powers You have one or more of the following features: 1)telepathy, 2)teleportation, 3)telekinesis, 4)all 3 (add a CR point).
77 Rotting 1 - Awful Stench Most living creatures within 10 feet of you must make a DC 15 CON roll vs retching.
78 Rotting 2 - Falling Apart Bits of you rot and fall off over time. You permanently lose 1HP per week. You have 13 years if you are a warlock patron.
79 Rotting 3 - Maggot Filled You look 'normal' but you are filled with 1)worms, 2)maggots, 3)larval undead waiting to be free.
80 Rotting 4 No Odor, None You have no odor whatsoever. Not even a bloodhound can detect you. This of course freaks out a dog.
81 Rotting 5 - Skeletal You're a freakin' skeleton bro.
82 Rotting 6 - Subtle Rot Your rotting can be detected with a DC 13 perception roll.
83 Sleep 1 x Death Day Awake You are awake one day per year, on the anniversary of your death.
84 Sleep 2 - Death Day Asleep You sleep one day per year, on the anniversary of your death.
85 Sleep 3 - Sleep During Day You sleep while the sun is up.
86 Sleep 4 - Full Moon Sleep You sleep during each full moon.
87 Sleep 5 - Asleep at Night You sleep while the sun is down, just like normal people.
88 Sleep 6 - Grave Dirt Sleep You must sleep on dirt from your own grave.
89 Ties 1 + Class of Life You have the class you had in life, at the level equal to your HD.
90 Ties 2 x Tied to Grave You are tied either to your own burial place, or to a particular graveyard or place of burial.
91 Ties 3 x Graveyard Ward You are a possibly non-evil entity tied to protect a particular graveyard as a 1)non-evil guardian, 2)evil emminence.
92 Ties 4 x Location Tied You are tied to a particular place 1)where you died, 2)graveyard, 3)dungeon, 4)jail, 5)tower, 6)where you were created as an undead.
93 Ties 5 r Death Double There is an undead version of you and a living version of you. The living version can not advance in level until you are recombined.
94 Ties 6 x Stalker You stalk a particular person you knew in life 1)lover, 2)offspring, 3)betrayer, 4)parent.
95 Unliving 1 x Dies Outdoors You suffocate and die if you go outside. Suffocation rules are in the PHB page ??.
96 Unliving 2 Unliving You are still alive but unable to move or speak. You only look dead. You look like one embalmed or mummified rather than rotting away.
97 Unliving 3 + Lingering Life The greater restoration spell will bring you back to life, as will raise dead and 'resurrection.
98 Unliving 4 + Burgeoning Life You can become resurrected with any healing spell after one 1)hour, 2)day, 3)week, 4)moon month, 5)year, 6)decade.
99 Unliving 5 - Utter Undeath No spell, not even a wish or resurrection spell can bring you back to life. Even divine intervention is dicey.
100 Unliving 6 Elven Undeath You were originally an elf or fey rather than some other race, so things are 'different'. Roll on this table again and do the 'reverse' of what it says.

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