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Spellgifted trait[edit]


You have a gift for casting spells from a certain school. Although your spells from this school are more potent than those of other casters, you are not as effective at casting spells from other schools.


Choose a school of magic. Add 1 to your caster level when casting spells from that school.


Reduce your caster level by 1 whenever you cast a spell that is not from your chosen school.

Roleplaying Ideas

Characters with this trait might be loudly vocal about the merits of the school of magic that they understand most readily, or they might feel awkward and out of place around "normal" spellcasters as a result of their unusual aptitude.

--- What happens if the character is 1st level, does it mean that they now cast other spells at CL-0 or does it mean they simply can't cast other spells? Also I noticed that some of the traits seem to make it impossible to be certain classes (ie. it is impossible to play a wizard with the Illiterate trait, as the character wouldn't be able to read their spellbook). 10:31, 6 January 2011 (MST)

Yes, you cast at CL0. For most spells this isn't really a problem, and for those that do have an effect based on caster level they simply cause nothing to happen when you cast them. As for illiterate wizards, you can take the Eidetic Wizard feat from Dragon or just spend two skill points to gain literacy like your average educated barbarian.

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