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Twaalf, the Twelfth Baron of War[edit]

Twaalf, the Twelfth Baron of War
Level 35 Solo Soldier
Colossal Immortal Animate
XP 175000
HP 1610; Bloodied 805 Initiative 30
AC 55; Fortitude 49, Reflex 49, Will 47 Perception 17
Speed 8 Tremor Sense 5
Immune Poison, Disease, Daze Resist 15 psychic, 15 variable
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Hard to Breathe ♦ Aura 3 (bloodied)
Enemies that start or end their turn in the aura must make an endurance check dc 35, Fail: 50 damage and loss of minor action, Succeed: 30 damage (does not stack with Choking Hazard)
Choking Hazard ♦ Aura 6 (bloodied)
Enemies that start or end their turn in the aura take 20 damage
Melee.png Great Cleave (Weapon)♦ Free Action
Attack: Reach3;+42 vs AC
Hit: 3d8+10
Effect: use this power against all enemies with reach at the start of your turn
Melee.png Crack the Defense (Weapon)♦ Standard
Attack: Reach 3; +42 vs AC
Hit: 3d10+10, 5d10+15 on crit
Effect: knock the target back 2 squares and lower the targets ac by 3
Melee.png Barricade Slash (Weapon Arcane)♦ Standard, Recharge D6 (4).png D6 (5).png D6 (6).png
Attack: +42 vs AC
Hit: 3d8+7
Effect: when targeting an enemy also target all enemies in a straight line behind the first target. A adamantine wall appears in that line any creatures in the line but not hit by the attack make acrobatics check to move out of the way of the line. Those hit by the attack or fail the check are stunned(save ends-5)
Close.png Adamant Purge ♦ Standard, Recharge D6 (6).png
Attack: +41 vs Reflex
Hit: Close Burst 6 4d8+9
Effect: enemies hit are petrified in adamantine. First failed Saving throw: target takes ongoing 15 damage, this cannot be reduced in anyway. Second Failed Saving throw: target stops rolling saving throws and must be broken out by another character.
Move Actions
Close.png Crack the Sky ♦ Move, Recharge D6 (5).png D6 (6).png
Attack: +41 vs Reflex
Hit: Close Blast 4 4d8+8
Effect: enemies hit are stunned until the end of Twaalf's next turn
Minor Actions
Triggered Actions
Str () Dex () Wis ()
Con () Int () Cha ()
Alignment Languages
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