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The Tsundere is a specialist at taking out specific targets quickly, giving your party advantages in engagements. Their obsessive tendencies are their biggest strength yet also greatest weakness as fights begin to drag out. Rogues who prefer to be unseen by their target fall in line with this subclass as being seen is enough to startle them and ruin their plan of attack. The Tsundere is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time, meaning at the start of engagements they have an advantage in rolls against their target but as the fight progresses they gain disadvantages to that target instead.


Starting at 3rd level you gain a disadvantage to Charisma based skill checks when interacting with members of the opposite gender, if they're your size or 1 size difference. At 9th level this disadvantage is removed and at 17th level you gain advantage in all Charisma based skill checks.

tsun tsun dere dere

At 3rd level, you learn the art of the tsundere. When rolling initiative you may pick a target. For the first 3 rounds of combat you have gain advantage on attack rolls against the selected target and +1 AC when the selected target attacks you. You may only use sneak attack on this target once. Once the first 3 rounds of combat are over you gain a disadvantage on attack rolls against the selected target and subtract your dexterity modifier from your ac when the target attacks you.

At 9th level you may take an action to choose a new target after the previous one is defeated in the engagement.

At 13th level you may add the target's cha modifier to the number of turns you gain advantage over the target (first 3 rounds + enemy Charisma modifier).


At 9th level, when approaching your selected target you may ignore the first attack of opportunity against you.

At 13th level, you gain +10 speed going toward the selected target, but suffer -10 speed when moving away from them. You can only use this ability once per short rest.


At 13th level, you may add half your proficiency to all Charisma based skill checks. Outside of combat you can choose a target to gain advantage on one roll for a skill check, if you fail you gain a disadvantage on all skill checks on that target.


At 17th level, whenever you select a target for your tsun tsun dere dere ability you restore hit points equal to your level.

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