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Trynton is the city of the Trynnies. As the sole city and capital, it has a central place in Trynnie society. The city is divided into seven boughs, as each part of the city rests on a different part of the giant trees it is in. The first six boughs are physical places, the seventh bough is an illusion... but it is there that the Trynnie can hope to learn their destinies...

The First Bough[edit]

The lowest Bough, this neighborhood contains several important locations, including the city's most important potion shop and a major religious sanctuary which has a major fountain that contains a spirit who rewards certain travelers for answering its riddles correctly. This bough has many houses, and is the third most populous of all boughs.

The shop, known as the "Potion palace", contains the finest (and most expensive!) magical goods for sale in Trynton. The price is generally worth the cost, as the quality of many other potion shops in Trynton is variable, to say the least.

The Second Bough[edit]

The least populous of the physical boughs, the second bough is nevertheless critical because of its many alchemy stores, craft shops, and the most important market. This is the bough most visited by foreigners, as those seeking exotic goods, high-quality potions, resources harvested from the forest, or questionably-acquired items at discount rates can find them.

The Third Bough[edit]

A mainly residential area, the third bough contains the second-largest population of all boughs in Trynton.

The Fourth Bough[edit]

Known for being the home of the central temple, this bough is paradoxically not the holiest. At the temple, one can access the seventh bough, read from the temple archives, or visit the temple's armory, where weapons are blessed and enchanted. The fourth bough is known for having the second most important temple in Trynton as well, known as the rising elms. This bough also has a small zoo, where the Trynnie study captured creatures to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and determine if a creature has potential as a game to be hunted.

The Fifth Bough[edit]

Small and barely more populated than the second bough, the fifth bough is important as a warehousing area and as home for the high shaman.

The Sixth Bough[edit]

Known as the holiest part of Trynton, this bough is the most populated. It is known for having the largest number of temples of any of the boughs, as well as being the place where the Trynnie keep their most important treasure.

The Seventh Bough[edit]

The seventh bough is an illusion which can be accessed by going to a certain part of the central temple, eating a certain plant and drinking a special potion made by the Trynnies. At this illusion, one may be visited by the apparition of the high shaman, who will reveal one's destiny.

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