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Not exactly an optimized character, this build is an attempt to make an ultimate deadly 'army' from the Monster Manual RAW. The troll battle tarrasque devours cities.

The troll battle tarrasque is a tarrasque run by an army of 100 trolls which travel within its belly. Each troll is encased in a mimic which is immune to the acid of the tarrasque stomach. The mimics all have maximum hip points because they feed off of the trolls continually, as the trolls regenerate continually. The mimics also provide AC 12 armor for the trolls. The mimics carry stone shields to bump their AC to 14. The mimics dodge continually. The mimics do minimum damage to the trolls each round (4 points) which the trolls regenerate continually. I'm not sure which RAW rules to use when a creature's armor is dodging but the creature isn't. The tarrasque can vomit up 3d6 trolls per turn as an action.

  • There are also 10 slaads, two of each type also covered with mimic armor, and they also have the same regeneration feeding interaction with their mimics. The mimics provide air tubes to the outside so that the trolls and slaads can continue to breathe. The slaads occasionally shape change to visit a city that the troll battle tarrasque is going to devour to do reconnaissance.
  • On the legs of the tarrasque are riding 12 nothics. on the upper perimiter and underside of the tarrasque are 25 ropers.
  • The tarrasque is infested with 50 rust monsters sort of like flees.
  • On the upper side of the tarrasque are 8 salamanders living one on each of the horns of the tarrasque. The tarrasque is immune to fire. The salamanders also light the way for the troll battle tarrasque at night.
  • There is a small stone castle built on the tarrasque's back in which lives a liche with 4 to 6 yuan-ti minions. There is one lich ruling the castle. The lich is not actually in charge of the battle, just there to give some added firepower.
  • Battlefield awareness and survey within one mile is carried out using 300 flumphs. The flumphs also provide the ability to send and receive thoughts throughout the members of the troll battle tarrasque forces.

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