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A bloodcurdling scream echoes through the woods, as the predator stalks its prey. The man looks down at his bloodied and mangled leg, a bear trap locked into his leg. It was when he began to lose consciousness, that he saw the woman begin to creep from out of the trees towards him...

When he finally awoke, he found himself strapped into a chair, a metal contraption locked onto his head, a slight ticking noise coming from the side. The ticking faster as time goes on. It was when the ticking became almost inseparable that it made a clunking sound, and closed around his head. It's a shame, you love it when they at least try to escape... Oh well, maybe the next victim will be more entertaining...

Stalker of Prey

Starting at level 3 when you choose this archetype, you can choose to stalk a creature of your choice within your vision. While stalking this creature, you have advantage on stealth rolls to avoid being detected by the creature or any associates of the creature.


Starting at level 3 when you choose this archetype, a device called a Headlock is added to your inventory. At 7th level you have 2 Headlocks in your inventory. At 14th level, you have 3 Headlocks. And finally, at level 20, you have 4 total Headlocks. Headlocks are devices that can be applied to the heads of incapacitated small or medium sized humanoids. The device is locked by a unique key that goes along with each individual device. These keys are added to your inventory alongside the Headlock. When the Headlock is applied, the creature can no longer speak, and has 24 hours to remove the trap until the trap is activated, killing the creature instantly. The trap can either be removed by force, or being unlocked by the key assigned to the trap. To remove the trap by force, you enter a saving throw state, going off of either a strength check or sleight of hand check. It requires 3 succeeded saving throws to remove the trap by force, and leaves the creature unscathed. If you instead get 3 failed saving throws, the trap is activated early and the creature is killed immediately.

(The saving throw necessary to remove the Headlock is 8 + your dex modifier + your proficiency bonus)
Butcher's Bearings

At level 7, you get a set of rusty chains with meat hooks on the ends. These chains are considered as martial weapons, and you are proficient with them. The weapon properties are versatile, reach, and special. The versatile property changes the damage from 1d8 bludgeoning damage to 1d10 bludgeoning damage. The special property of the chains makes it so if you attack a creature within 5 feet of you, you grapple the target. This also provides an opportunity to apply a headlock onto the creature. At level 14, the chains do 1d10 bludgeoning and 1d12 bludgeoning versatile.


At level 14, you have improved your Headlocks so that they can no longer be picked open with a lockpick, or unlocked by anything other than the key assigned to the trap. The only way to escape the headlock is to forcibly pull it apart, requiring the saving throw state to be judged only on strength.


At level 17, your Headlocks have been even further improved and now are purely killing machines. The amount of time before the trap goes off is reduced to 6 hours, and if the creature attempts to forcibly remove the Headlock, are now at a disadvantage when rolling their saving throws.

Let's Play a Game

And finally, once you've hit level 20 with this subclass, you are able to force either unconscious or sleeping Headlocked creatures into games of survival, of which you can choose 3 different types of games...

Game 1: Tick-Tock. The player/s have 1 hour to find the keys to their Headlocks. If the creatures fail to find their key within an hour, one of the creatures, chosen at random, will be killed, and the timer reset, allowing another hour for the creatures to find the keys. This continues until everyone alive is released or killed...

Game 2: Strikes and Spades. The player/s are forced to play a card game. Each player is dealt a card. A card is placed on the table, and unless you have a card that can best that, you receive a strike. If you get three strikes, the Headlock activates killing the creature. This game goes on for 13 Rounds. Those who have under 3 strikes after the 13 rounds are released from their Headtraps and free to go...

Game 3: Sacrifice. A surgery has been done on one of the creatures. This surgery was to place a master key inside of one of the creatures. The creatures have to decide who had the surgery done, and must scourge their body for the key, generally killing the creature. The Headlocks have 24 hours until they go off. If the key is not found and used to disarm the Headlocks, the creatures are killed instantly. Whoever manages to get the Headlocks off of their heads before the timer runs out, get to go free and survive...

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