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Ranger Subclass[edit]

Lie and wait

Beginning at level 3 when you gain this subclass, you gain the ability to make rope, 10 feet per hour. This can be preformed during a long or short rest. You can use 10 feet of rope to make a trap, as long as there is something to hang it on near by. (Tree, ledge, large rock, etc.) If a medium or smaller creature steps in this trap they are restrained into the air. If the creatures passive perception is 17 or above they automatically step over the trap. You can use your action and your bonus action to lay one of these traps while in combat. If any friendly creatures to the target are able to attack, they can make an attack against the rope. The ropes AC is 10 and HP is 4. It has resistance to piercing and bludgeoning, but is vulnerable to fire and slashing damage. If broken the target falls to the ground and is knocked prone.

Spiked Rode

Starting at level 7, you can use any coins you have to make caltrops. You must have access to smith Tools. You can spend 2 hour to create one bag of caltrops. These may be used as normal caltrops. You may apply poisons to these as well, gaining the effects of the poison.

Swift Hands

Beigining at 11th level, You can lay a trap using just once action instead of your entire turn. Additionally, the passive perception needed to see the trap is increased by your performance modifier. You can use rope to clime vertical structures without a performance check, as well as are able to make rope and caltrops at double the speed you normally could. You can use the hide in plain sight action at double the speed. Once per long rest you can spend five minutes to set up an ambush for up to 5 creatures of medium size or smaller. This ambush uses any amount of rope and or caltrops to cover a 30 foot space with traps in whatever order you wish. Creatures that you chose can avoid these traps without rolling any checks, however other creatures have disadvantage on perception checks to these traps.

Unseen Nightmare

Beginning at level 15, your traps cannot be seen by unmagical means, magical effects to discover them roll with disadvantage. You gain the mold earth cantrip, however it works on all earth, no longer just loose. You may spend an hour to make three wooden spikes given there are trees or lumber of some type around. Three of these spikes can fit into a hole of 5 feet in diameter, making all fall damage falling down that hole doubled. (Whether you roll the damage twice or just double it is up to your DM). You can spend 1 minute to camouflage this hole by placing a this layer of dirt over the hole making it indistinguishable from normal ground. From now on your ropes are magically imbued. You no longer need a structure near by to hang the rope from, the target is held in the air by magic. Additionally, your ropes AC increases by your proficiency bonus, and its HP is equal to double your ranger level. You can increase the size that your rope trap holds by increasing the amount of rope used, shown below. When using the ambush ability you can increase the area to 50 feet, and up to 8 medium or smaller creatures. Or up to 3 Large creatures, however this choice must be made before hand and wont work for each other. Of course as normal you need the materials to cover the area. You may add the trap holes to this ambush as well.

creature sizes.

Tiny= 2 feet of rope

Small= 5 feet of rope

Medium= 10 feet of rope

Large= 20 feet of rope

Huge= 50 feet of rope/Advantage on struggle check.

Gargantuan= Instantly breaks rope

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