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Toxic Trickster[edit]

Rogue Subclass


A Master at creating and administering deadly toxins, venoms, and poisons. A Toxic Trickster uses techniques known as Toxic Tricks to kill people in new and exciting ways using a wide variety of harmful substances. Toxic Tricksters often make their living working as agents, assassins, hunters, or mercenaries, although it isn't unheard of for one to become an adventurer. Their techniques exist solely to cause pain and death, because of this, Toxic Tricksters are rarely good-aligned. An experienced Toxic Trickster can enter a trancelike state when consuming poisons they have created. Consult with your DM when planning on getting more deadly poisons, or if you want to add homebrew poisons.


Toxic Tricks - 3rd lvl[edit]

Select 2 Toxic Tricks at the 3rd level and 1 more every level you gain a subclass feature, on top of any other subclass features. You can use a base of 2 Toxic Tricks + your Proficiency Bonus + INT or DEX Modifier. Taking a short or long rest replenishes your Toxic Trick uses. You cannot do more than one Toxic Trick in one turn even if you have the actions to do so.

Venomous Stings[edit]

If you land an attack with a poisoned Melee Weapon, use a bonus action to do another attack that does no weapon damage, if this attack lands, it does half of the poison damage that the first attack applied if any, rounding down.

Toxic Aid[edit]

As a bonus action, use one of your poisons to poison the weapon of an adjacent allied creature if they have one, they can then use their reaction to attack an enemy in range if they so desire.

Lethal Injection[edit]

Strike like a viper and deliver a potent injection of venom. If you land a Sneak Attack with a poisoned melee or ranged weapon, sacrifice 1 sneak attack die as a free action and instead add it to the Save DC of the poison you are using.

Vial to the Face[edit]

As the name states, use an attack action to ready and lob one of your poison vials at the enemy's face. This vial has a throwing range of 15ft, does 1 slashing damage, and target has disadvantage on saving throw to resist the poison. If the target is a creature with a relatively normal face structure (doesn't have a body covered in eyes or some shit), also applies blinded status for 1d4 rounds.

Poisonous Anchor[edit]

Loose a poisoned arrow or bolt that anchors itself into an opponent's body. While this anchor is stuck in the person's body, the poison is reapplied at the start of their turn until they pull it out as an action. If they make the initial save DC to resist the poison, it does not get reapplied, but they have disadvantage on further save DCs to resist poison until the arrow is removed.

Searing Venom[edit]

You know just where to attack to cause the optimal amount of pain with your toxins. Make an attack with a poisoned weapon, and as a free action, take up to a -5 to the attack roll, if the attack lands and the poison beats their save, the enemy loses WIS equal to the ATK reduction and becomes Frightened for 1d4 rounds.

Force Feed[edit]

As an action, force a creature within 5ft to ingest or inhale a poison that is administered in that way. The target of this must make a STR check opposed by your STR or DEX check (whichever is higher), if you would have an advantage on attack, you have advantage on this check.

Toxin Crafting - 3rd lvl[edit]

You not only know how to apply poisons practically, but also how to make them to the best of your ability. Add INT bonus to the Save DC of any poison you make or harvest yourself, and gain Proficiency in the Poisoner's kit, if you gain proficiency in this from some other source, gain advantage on rolls to craft, extract, or identify poison instead. While studying poisons, you end up gaining knowledge on other things, gain Proficiency in Nature, Survival, or Medicine.

Toxic Conservative - 9th lvl[edit]

Poisons applied to your weapons and ammunition don't lose their potency over time, and poisons applied to melee weapons last for double the amount of attacks they do normally.

Poison Resistance - 9th lvl[edit]

Over time, you have gained a tolerance to poisons. Gain poison resistance, which changes into poison immunity at level 13. If you already have poison resistance, this feature gives you poison immunity, at level 13, heal 1d6 hit points when being poisoned. If you already have poison immunity, you instead gain the healing at level 9, which increases to 1d8 at level 13.

Death Cloud - 13th lvl[edit]

Experiments and tinkering with poisons have allowed you to create a gaseous form of poisons you carry, As an action you mix two poisons you are carrying causing them to explode into a 15ft Death cloud.

Both poisons contribute one effect of your choice you may not choose the same effect twice. -Creatures inside take damage equal to one of the poisons of your choice e.g. 3d6 (serpent venom) When they enter the cloud and at the beginning of their turn on a failed save. -Creatures are subject to an effect of one of the poisons of your choice e.g. incapacitation on a failed save.

In addition creatures who fail their saving throw are also temporarily blinded as the poison seeps in their eyes until they pass a further saving throw.

The save DC for the cloud equals (Poison 1 DC + Poison 2 DC/2) + INT Mod or the mean of the two poisons save DCS + INT Mod. Creatures inside the cloud may repeat the saving throw at the end of their turn a passed save makes them immune to further effects from the cloud. once you reach level 17, you have the Toxic Trance effect while standing in the cloud, and for 1 round after exiting the cloud (Do not gain exhaustion levels from this however). Creatures that don't have to breathe, have poison immunity, or have some sort of advanced filter are not affected.

Using this ability expends 3 uses of toxic tricks.

Toxic Trance - 17th lvl[edit]

You have trained yourself to imbibe the toxins that you have created, and can use them to put yourself into an almost trance-like state. As an action, drink or inhale a vial of any poison you have made and gain 15 temporary hit points, +4 STR, +4 DEX, +4 WIS, +15ft Speed, and do not experience the effects of Frightened, Exhaustion and Poisoned, this lasts 3 + CON Mod rounds. When this effect wears off, you suffer from Level 2 Exhaustion and are Poisoned until a short or long rest, this debuff stacks, meaning that using Toxic Trance 3 times before resting will kill your character if you aren't already exhausted before the initial use. All effects of Toxic Trance apply even if you have Poison Immunity.

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