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NOTE: The War Built feat might seem too good but in reality a construct never gets any HP from bonus from constitution often resulting in very low HP while high level. This perk solves this problem.



CR 4

Large Humanoid Construct
Init/Senses +3/Listen , Spot
AC 21 (-1 Size, +2 Dex, +6 Masterwork Adamant Breastplate, +4 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 19
hp 41hp (2k10+30 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +0/+2/+1
Speed 30ft.
Melee +7 Slam 1k8+7, Blade 1d10+1d8+7
Base Atk/Grp +1/+10
Special Actions Lightning Strike
Abilities Str 21, Dex 16, Con -, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 12
SQ Construct traits, Spell Resistance 14, Armor Bound, Dr 4/-, Heavy Fortification, War Built
Feats Alertness, Run
Skills Craft (Masonry) +4, Knowledge (Gems, Mining) +4, Spot +2, Listen +2, Profession (Siege Engineer) +4
Advancement by character class (Fighter)
Heavy Fortification A Titan has a soul gem buried deep within it's body. If it cracks the Titan dies. However the massive body of stone protects the gem quite well. (75% chance to resist a critical hit)
War Built: A Titan receives full HD every level.
Rapid Repair (Ex): A Titan that rests at 1 full hour repairs 1 point of damage, so long as it has at least 1 hit point. Rapid repair does not allow a Titan to regrow or reattach lost body parts. A character can assist a Titan's self-repair with a Craft (stonemasonry) check (DC 15). If the check is successful, the Titan repairs 2 hit points per hour of rest. Providing assistance to the Titan counts as light activity for the assisting character, and a character can assist only one Titan at a time. A Titan cannot assist its own repair.


Strategies and Tactics[edit]


Improved Lightning : While using their spell like ability in melee combat the 1d8 is changed to 1d10 electrical damage

Lightning Arrow : Enables to use Lightning as an arrow dealing 1k8 electric damage.

Inner Focus : The maximum usage of Titans spell like abilities per day is changed from x4 to x6

Splinter Javelin : When thrown there is a 50% chance of the javelin breaking into shards. Those shards deal half of the original damage to targets within a 5ft radius. (Requires: Base attack bonus of +5)

Gift of the Gem : Titans regenerate +1hp per hour for 24h, even while not resting, provided it consumes at least 250gp worth of gems (Hardness feat required)

Far Throw : Upgrades the range increasement for the Lightning throw to 33ft.

Hardness : Grants +1Hp every level.

Improved Damag Resistance : Increases Titans DR to 5/-

A Titan can generate a semi solid lightning spear that is a heavy thrown weapon dealing 1d8 normal damage and 1d8 electrical damage. (Strength bonus is applied) The range incresement is same as for a javelin. Also the Titan can summon a semi solid blade dealing 1d10 normal and 1d8 electrical damage (Strength bonus is applied) .The blade lasts one turn and summoning it is a move action not provoking an attack of opportunity. After Titans turn the blade disperses and needs to be summoned again. Titan can use this blade like a bastard sword and it is naturally proficient with it. If disarmed the blade instantly vanishes in a bright flash. Titan can use each of their abilities 4 times per day each. To summon a blade or javelin Titan must have an empty hand. If this condition isn't met the blade/javelin cannot be formed.

Armor Bound

A Titan starts with an adamant breastplate which is half an inch thick. Only the helmet can be removed freely, revealing the hair formed from strands of colorful energy that corresponds to the one of the soulgem. The breastplate can be enhanced like any other armor, however to remove it a craft masonry check (DC 20) and a craft blacksmith (DC 20) is required. The titan also must be willing to remove its armor. If the final condition isn't met. The Titan's energy flow in the soul gem is disrupted and it is destroyed. Its body turns into a pile of rock and armor. Titan as a construct does not gain any speed penalty associated with it's armor. Titan is naturally proficient with armor that it is created with. Titan can't wear any other armor other than the one with which it was created since the armor has to be attuned to the soulgem with which the titan is created.

Sample Encounters[edit]

Solitary, Squad, Warband


Environment: Any land.

Typical Physical Characteristics: A Titan appears as a 2.7m tall gray human stone statue wearing a black adamant breastplate and a scale mail quilt. The helmet resembles a roman centurion helmet. Often dark yellow brass is used to ornament the armor and the helmet. Facial features are very distinctive for each titan. Those constructs can mimic emotions but they not often choose to.



Titans speak Giant. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Terran, Common.

The Calling

Titans are preparing for an event of cosmic proportions, awaiting signs that things are set in motion and their destiny will be fulfilled. What is this even or how will it start remains a secret passed from castle Overlord to castle Overlord. It is never written down or discussed without need. Some Titans claim that the events have already started and wander off on their own, often preforming strange tasks.


A Call saying "Go to a forest, count 1000 trees then mark the last one with a symbol..." A Call saying "Go to the lake near a village and wait to see the moon's reflection" Find a ruby shaped like a heart Slay a man named (insert any name here) Rescue a (insert any creature) from (insert any creature)

Upon completing such a task, the Titan moves on, trying to find a next event that would reveal the meaning of the calling to it.

Titans construct and live in massive stone castles at the top of mountain ranges. Commoners speak of them as cloud castles since most of the time clouds are beneath or covering them.


The soulgem is the very core of every Titan, it's a gem that survived a special treatment and was imbued with powerful magic. Only the few selected Titans in each castle know the secret of their creation. If they fall, the secret is lost with them as each castle is in fact a city-state and there for not too willing to assist others.


When a Titan is created the first thing he is told is his name, usually coming from a gem or mineral. It is created with a ready, random personality, awareness of its intelligence and nothing more. It is taken to the Overlord of the caste and to the stone library where it learns about any history regarding the castle where it was created, surrounding lands and various other things. Contents of the library are often a mystery as Titans tend defend it from any and all outsiders, often burning it to the ground when their castle is about to fall. Titans then spend their time under a command of a more experienced one, till their training is complete they are viewed by their brothers more as objects than anything else, as those to fail to comply are reduced to rubble, as they are deemed defective. The training includes art of war, masonry and architecture for the need of self repair or creating castles since when the population of titans exceed a capacity of the current castle, they choose a leader (usually chosen by the overlord of the castle and mages) and wander off to find new mountain ranges to settle upon. As centered around military power and giving life their culture might seem, be it by the wanderers or merchants, Titans adopted music and art. Often Titans returning from patrols will indulge in chants and choirs, artisans will carve sculptures of utmost beauty, often spending years to perfect each piece.

Once the training is complete the Titan is allowed to leave the castle to seek its destiny. Sometimes Titans will accept this freedom and wander through the land seeking gems or gold for their services. Be it construction or mercenary work. Some of them form warbands roaming the land taking anything they desire. Very few of them choose to do so. In their own society those who wander and do not wait for the "Calling" are said to be made out of damaged gem stones.

Titans live a semi peaceful life, eventually defending their territory from hostile creatures which usually consist of dragons and other gem hungry monstrosities. If one wishes to pass safely trough their lands, a payment is required.

Human: There are many different types of human, same goes for Titans, their relations range from friends to mortal enemies.

Dwarf: Dwarves tend to have a conflict of interest due to both races` natural lust for gems. Some see this as an opportunity, opening mines in mountain ranges guarded by the Titans, paying just a fraction of what they mine to them.

Gnome: Many titans view the gnomes as all too involved in their lives and don't react well to their ever present joke telling and good mood but some find their company quite pleasing.

Hobbit: Many wealthy hobbit merchants hire Titans or pay constant fees to castle Overlord for the protection of their caravans, goods and even homes or fields which are located nearby.

Half-Orc: A Titan carries no prejudice against any race, hence each character they encounter is judged on an individual basis.

Elf: Elf still mind and silence is appealing to most Titans who prefer to speak only when spoken to. However they do not really understand why elves are so bound to nature.



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