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On the subject of history[edit]

We can learn from history, but we can also deceive ourselves when we selectively take evidence from the past to justify what we have already made up our minds to do. ~ Margaret MacMillan

The Continent is a world where it can honestly be hard to keep track of if not written down. The sequences of events which have led up to the moment causing the setting to act the way that it does have no context without the history to back it up. There will be contradictory things taken as facts where truth, lies, and the common belief is blurred beyond recognition. For whoever makes history are the ones that are left standing to tell the tale.

Before 3000 BT[edit]

5000 BT(?): Jotuns, the supposed ancestors of the Snow Elves in Skanii religion, were banished from their home realm for some unknown reason.

4900 BT(?): Sifon expands into a city becoming the first city-state.

4800 BT(?): Apparently, Gnomes started migrating south from Skanza for some reason and made the first contact with the Elves and Dwarves.

4700 BT(?): The city-state of Karga conquers surrounding cities and becomes the first known empire.

4600 BT(?): Kargen troops finally conquered Sifon after a bloody 20-year war using a bio-magical weapon called "Sarti Tange".

4500 BT(?): Halflings began building permanent settlements in the Bask Range.

4400 BT(?): Kargen Empire reconquered Sifon then melts down the Sifonian idols to prevent them contacting their Gods.

4300 BT(?): Mithreum's Anguish, demigod Suthron Elf with super speed, supposedly emptied a part of the Unzer Meer with a bucket to allow the Elven Isles to expand and resend the waterline.

4200 BT(?): Unknown "fleshy" raiders from the west came by sea to cause the total collapse of the state-regulated economy of the Kargen Empire.

4100 BT(?): Tuken Empire is founded following the successor states of Sifon and the Kargen Empire imitators being annex by the Tuken tribe.

4000 BT(?): The Dwarven city-states of the Suthron coast form a coalition to fend off the invading Tuken Empire, and successfully halt all military expansions of the Drucharii to the west.

3900 BT(?): Drucharii introduces a government monster-hunter corporation as part of a wider economic reform.

3800 BT(?): Welfare programs and farming subsidies raise the average living standards of Tuken subjects, the imperial government funds them by launching invasions to the unknown east.

3700 BT(?): The last known attempted invasion by the Tuken Empire as an army of 500,000 march up north through Caser mountains. It ended with a dead Drucharii God-Emperor which led to the 12th Major Drucharii Civil War.

3600 BT(?): Suthron Dwarven colonies are founded along the coast of modern Eier and Voolon.

3500 BT(?): The last of the Tuken Empire successor states would be annexed by either the Suthron Dwarven states or the Abbynic tribes.

3200 BT(?): Few of the Islander Elves began a trade war with the Suthron Dwarven states.

3100 BT(?): Dwarven colonies in Voolon fends off Suthron armies after declaring independence. Dwarven colonies in Eier were annexed the local Elven or Gnome tribes.

3000 BT[edit]

3000 BT(?): Warlock summoning goes wrong to cause the fabled island of Losnis to sink due to assumed angry Alfen Gods.

2762 BT: Lydian failed invasions to take all overseas colonies after being granted independence by their former overlords, anger the other Suthron Dwarven states and forces Inteoch to declare war to break Lydia's hold over naval trade.

2764 BT: Immolation of Flikenfin the philosopher after his anti-war speeches to broker peace between Inteoch and Lydia. The Lydian government intensified their war effort to counteract the speeches with anti-Intoch plays.

2608 BT: The Suthron Wars comes to a close with Lydia and Inteoch signing the Pact of Eternal Friendship under a mythical iron vain.

2500 BT[edit]

2509 BT: The Pact of Eternal Friendship is broken when Lydia defects to join the Samian Kingdom in an attempt to regain a monopoly of all trade over the Suthron coastline.

2443 BT: The Samian Kingdom finishes conquering the Dwarven city-states of Suthron but doesn't try to venture east to take the Dwarves ruling over former Tuken provinces.

2327 BT: Following counterfeit currency circulating the Tuken-Dwarven successor states, famines break out in some places and governments collapse to end up as warring states.

2334 BT: Samian Empire finishes annexing the last of the Tuken-Dwarven successor states.

2185 BT: Samian Emperess Gwinela the Usurper ends up being assassinated by the Samian Life Guard starting the Suthrian Dark Age. It leads to warring Dwarven states and invading Abbyic tribes who kick out the Dwarves from former Tuken lands. Dwarven runes are all but forgotten at the end of the Suthrian Dark Age.

2000 BT[edit]

1853 BT: Ilydrium, the city of exiled Islander Elves, is founded by the twin sisters Klaudia and Kassia.

1727 BT: Ilydrians launches proxy wars to allow them to intervene and annex Islander Elven cities who ask for their assistance.

1614 BT: Ilydrium threatens to invade all their former Elven trade partners unless they end the embargo.

1500 BT[edit]

1498 BT: The foundation of the Elven Polis League to end the Ilydrian threat of trying to rule over all of the Elven Isles.

1325 BT: After an electoral gridlock, the Succession Wars began as every major noble house fights to take the title of "Solaris" to implement a dictatorship.

1289 BT: The Succession Wars end with the latest Solaris, Flaviane Maxentius, refusing to step down from office then dissolving both Lords' Chamber and the League Assembly. This effectively ends the oligarchic period of the League and transitions to form the Elven Empire. The founding dynasty is from House Maxentian.

1153 BT: Odonata began writing Comintarii di Belis Occitalis while she governs Minor Marsailis and starts her war to exterminate the Halflings. House Klaudian divert more resources to support Odonata and other parts of the frontier near the Rheen.

1150 BT: The success of colonizing Minor Marsailis prompts the House Kassian to bribe Aurilia to be granted governorship for colonizing Rheenland.

1146 BT: Elven colonies are established along the sea in the south and along the Rheen. Orcish and Dwarven raids from Sentra are halted by a line of forts along the Rheen and military highways.

1000 BT[edit]

998 BT: House Kassian overthrows the reigning dynasty with troops marching into Ilydrium and cutting off all communication from the capital island.

997 BT: All of House Maxentian are killed and the government is purged of all the old guards. Aurilia Kassia is crowned the new empress of the Elven Empire.

996 BT: House Klaudian, after a failed assassination of Empress Aurilia, attempts to overthrow the ruling dynasty. This starts the "Age of the Empire at War".

994 BT: Odonata Klaudia unexpectedly dies due to a bug bite while leading an army to chase down fleeing Kassian troops.

992 BT: House Kassian reestablishes order and offers House Klaudian protectorship.

986 BT: House Minian unifies minor nobles of the frontiers to rebel against House Kassian.

834 BT: House Minian is expunged from all records and the colonial rebels are put down.

775 BT: The Elven Empire starts a campaign to colonize Sentra after labor efforts run short for building Vester colonies. Race-based enslavement was strictly enforced by House Klaudian to expand their estates. Minor House Xander tries to overthrow House Kassian by sailing their troops dangerously close to Ilydrium but was stopped by a freak storm before they could land. the surviving half of the invasion force turns back to land then declare Brantia Xander the new Solaris.

651 BT: Emperor Galatius is crowned the new Solaris and adopts his nephew as a son. The last of the continental Elven tribes either submit as colonials or flee to Skanza. The Elven Empire finishes conquering Sentra and the last of the Orcs, Gnomes, and Dwarves within their border are enslaved. No minor houses will try to take the throne from House Kassian and this ends the "Age of the Empire at War."

500 BT[edit]

503 BT: Gnome pirates from Eier burn down several colonies along the coast of the western ocean in Voolon.

498 BT: The Elven Empire tries to send an expedition to subjugate the northern island and has initial success in establishing military outposts.

497 BT: Another expedition is launched with Empress Juliana personally leading it, it ends with the entire fleet being sunk with Juliana and at least 20,000 other soldiers drowning in a freak storm.

496 BT: Skoti tribe from northern Eier leads a coalition of other Eierish tribes to drive out the Elven invaders and burn down the outposts. The War of the Crowns starts with both Kludo-Kassian and Bruto-Kassian declaring their successors as Solaris.

374 BT: House Bruto-Kassian wins the civil war by using the first and only time in the empire's history, a bio-magi weapon that targeted Kludo-Kassian troops and killed Empress Giania. House Bruto-Kassian crowns Adrian as the new Solaris.

245 BT: The Elven Empire successfully colonize Sentra and prepares to invade Osterland and Skanza. Humans first started appearing in history with the first contact in Imperial elven records, saying that the race come from beyond the unknown east in a different realm.

244 BT: Hiring local mercenaries to fight other other Ostlanders, the Elven Empire relax the race-based enslavement to employ foreign races. Initial battles between the Snow Elves and Imperial Elves resulted in the tribal armies being crushed.

221 BT: Disorganized small slave revolts are led by foreign mercenaries pop up in Sentra, they are quickly extinguished by foreign mercenaries hired by the empire. Southern Skanza is slowly taken from the Snow Elves and other tribal Elves or Dwarves driven from Sentra. The Skanzan tribes launch suicidal attacks burning down colonies and a battle resulting in 40,000 Imperial Elven soldiers being crippled.

219 BT: The Elven Empire begins evacuating all troops north of Sentra after a bloody guerrilla campaign killed 3 armi's worth of troops. Most of Osterland has been subjugated by the empire and a series of fortified colonies were built near the border.

161 BT: 2 major slave revolts are organized in Vesterland and Suthron forcing 4 armies to be redeployed away from the frontiers. Later in the same year, Ulatan the Orc forms an alliance with the Human tribes from the east to prepare to invade the Elven Empire.

160 BT: The Eastern Hoards descent upon Osterland where Dwarven refugees, Human tribes, and Orcish raiders quickly overwhelm the frontier forts. Eierish pirates resume pillaging Onterland, northern Vesterland, and all along Voolon's coast.

52 BT: 5 armies numbering little more than 50,000 along with 20,000 mercenaries faced off an invading barbarian coalition of at least 120,000 led by Herman the Human. The armi of the Last Alliance of Elves, as it would later be known as, defeated the Orcs and Humans but was too bloodied to guard the frontiers.

Year 0[edit]

Ilydrium along with all other islands around it were sunken due to a mysterious raid, consisting of mostly former slaves and barbarians, sacked the capital of the Elven Empire. This happened after a few months after a great naval battle between an Orcish and Elven fleet, which crippled the Imperial Elven Navy in the Bay of Sow. The actual sacking itself had little resistance from the city as one of the guards opened the gates then bagged to spare the people inside the walls. The streets ran red with Elven blood as the raiders cared not for the plea of that defector and killed anybody outside buildings. The ones that survived either ran to the docks to flee or were already on vessels leaving. In the middle of the plunder, looting, and the massacre was a deep low rumbling which many didn't notice until the shaking started to push things over. It all happened in a matter of a few hours but surely and slowly the Elven Islands sunk under the sea with cold efficiency with none the wiser as to why it sunk.

The resulting destruction of the Elven cities had crippled the administrative head of the vast empire, which would cause vengeful slaves to purge their former masters and invading barbarians to wrestle huge swaths of land from the locals.

500 AT[edit]

214 - 251 AT: Emperor Tyranus reforms the Elven Empire in Osterland and from Kiev reconquers all of Sentra up to the Rheen, and takes the Suthron land east of the Lydian River.

252 AT: Drakens from the east in the form of Tsunon tribes move out from the Ungen mountains to ravage the countrysides around Kiev and Belgrad.

253 AT: Tsunon tribes fled south to Lienz after a costly victory for the Kievan Elven Legion and the imperial provinces are invaded by the Abbynics and the Rheenland rebelled against the Kievan overlords. Only Inteoch and Vrcossar hold out as a Kievan colony from the invading Abbynic tribes.

309 - 335 AT: King Franken unify the Rheenland and Occiton then controls all of Sentra except the Ar'Tsuaton Archduchy. Accepts the plea to assist the Palmarman Patriarch to drive out the Kievan army ruling over Inteoch. After the successful campaign, Franken is crowned Divine Elven Emperor, also known as Zolares.

438 AT: The kingdom of Belograd and Murminsk declares independence from Kiev following botched land reforms.

574 - 581 AT: The Geats, Jutes, and Nords start their own Skanzen Grove War in an attempt to exterminate the Snow Elves, it ends in a great failure.

669 AT: Skanzen tribes begin looting, extorting, and trading along the rivers in Osterland.

702 AT: Elash was founded in the city of Tisifon but The Prophet (along with his followers) was banished from the Tuken Sultanate.

710 AT: Backed by the Abbynid tribe, The Prophet tries to overthrow Sha Kurash to replace the state religion, The Prophet is imprisoned in the Fortress of Oblivion.

711 AT: The Prophet escape from the Fortress of Oblivion with a divine miracle (or used a follower as a cushion for his jump from a 10-meter high opening).

893 AT: After the death of The Prophet, the Abbynids marry into the Ozermans and the Medes to unify the city-states around Medis.

985 AT: All of the Erg Desert is under the authority of the Abbynids and the Belogradie city of Vrcossar was conquered to announce the formation of the Abbynid Empire.

1000 AT[edit]

1080 AT: The largest band of warriors and adventures the Skanzen tribes have ever assembled known as the Great Infidel Army amongst the Eierish or the Nordsk Stur Hird amongst the Skanzen, invades Eier for plunder and farmland.

1081 AT: Vilamus the Infertile, the Duc of Upper Leeon, hires a grand army of mercenaries to invade Eier to usurp the crown of Eier from Gliheem the Unworthy.

1082 AT: Following the death of King Gliheem in a Skanzen raid attacking his capital, Anyon the Younger assumes the throne. King Anyon the Great creates a series of forts to fend off the Great Infidel Army in the north while using scorch-earth tactics to turn Vilamus' army against him.

1124 AT: From the ashes of the Rheenisch Empire, the successor state of Ost Rheenland reforms into the second holy anointed state of the Divine Elven Hegemony under Zolares Gruner the Red.

1257 - 1298 AT: Abyynids joins a Jihad to conquer Inteoch and the Holy Coast from the ruling Osterlings. They would go on to launch many more Jihads based on the success of the first in an attempt to conquer Buxintum but was repulsed by Samian and Palmarmen armies.

1373 AT: Strips of land held by the Abyynids after the first Jihad in southern Mustallyon was invaded by the Lyonese at the same time as the Voolon revolted to fight for their independence, from their Lyonese overlords.

1400 AT and the Modern World[edit]

In the northern realm of Skanza, Nordium has taken over every other state one at a time until it is powerful enough to form the Skanzan Union. While there is still fighting in Jutmark and Skanii lands, the Nordens effectively rules most of the north. In the south, Suthron is about to boil out into a total war as the uneasy tension between the Drucharii states of the Abyynids and the Tukens. In the east, the Kievans have reunified Osterland and now seek to colonize the unknown east. The Grand Duchy of Mustallyon faces more separatist rebellions in Onterland as the locals allow the province to be annexed by Voolon. The once peaceful island of Eier is now bustling with excitement with discovers from the far south and the icy islands in the north. The Royum di Occiton is answering the Elven Question about the unruly reservations in their realm with the most ruthless way possible. One priest by the name of Zekum has listed 101 reasons why the Pentarchy must reform the religion by abolishing a temple tax and outlawing landed clergy. This has sparked a religious civil war within the Divine Elven Hegemony between the Zekumites and the Pentarchist. Ar T'suaton also faces some problems as well when a rebellion consisting of every non-Draken races unite to overthrow the ruling magi Draken who try to keep a fracturing realm together.

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