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History Of Aknamkanon[edit]

Aknamkanon started out as a very young and handsome wizard he was the perfect person he worshiped the Gods and obeyed the laws,his name is Aknamkanon his study of magic drove him to be powerful but humble at the age of 26 he then married and had a child,the perfect life but all was not well his child was taken ill and his magic could not cure it his wife was killed by a statue of one of the Gods and then followed his child who met the same fate.He then starts to curse the Gods and developed a hate so supreme that it destroyed his magic tower to keep his hate under control he turned his hate into a gauntlet of Hate and when he put it on he went through a physical and mental transformation his body became bulky and all he can think of is how going to take the lands that the Gods claim to have created.he spends the rest of his years in a kingdom called Vanchilia named after his former wife he kills lesser Gods and bans magic so he can forget that painful reminder of his perfect life.He rules without mercy and with a slogan that says The weak deserve to die but the Gods even more so.he now wields a great axe and great sword that uses to kill demi and lesser Gods with.He has a couple of master assassins for spying on and some magic users to further remind him of the pain of the past so he he can have a constant reminder on why he hates the Gods so much but he also banned magic to the public.but even though he did that it does not stop people from trying.

Power of the Wizard[edit]

Aknamkanon was a very powerful Wizard who owned a little patch of land he loved animals and the green natural life he specialized in evocation and transmutation magic he used his studies to further help man kind by growing crops and and defeating enemies who would threaten the land.He also used his powers for creating new land to further expand land to help the homeless also in his Wizard years worshiped the Gods and prayed constantly.

Before Evils Embrace[edit]

It was not always like this the land that ruled over this world was green complete with sunny days and natural magic.the people where happy,parties happen every week and everyone was good sir there was the ones who tried to take that away but where put down by Aknomkanon himself. People had a living attitude every day even when monsters came to attack they where quickly taken care of.

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