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The Age of the Gods[edit]

The world of Vanchilia was governed by a primordial being called only as "The Creator", a powerful god who rule over the earth. Although his spirit is immortal, his soul inhabited the body of an avatar, a statue made in his honor.

The Creator chose amongst mortals beings worthy of his blessing, those who became the Ascended. The Ascended, also called Saints, have dominion over regions of the world, ruling on his behalf when his essence couldn't devote attention to the realms.

History Of Aknamkanon[edit]

Aknamkanon started out as a very young and handsome wizard. He was the perfect person: he worshiped the Gods and obeyed the laws. His name is Aknamkanon. His study of magic drove him to be powerful but humble. At the age of 26, he then married and had a child, the perfect life. But all was not well; his child was taken ill, and his magic could not cure it. His wife was killed by a statue of one of the Gods, and then followed his child, who met the same fate. He then started to curse the Gods and developed a hate so supreme that it destroyed his magic tower. To keep his hate under control, he turned his hate into a gauntlet of Hate. When he put it on, he went through a physical and mental transformation: his body became bulky, and all he could think of was how to take the lands that the Gods claim to have created.

He spent the rest of his years in a kingdom called Vanchilia, named after his former wife. He killed lesser Gods and banned magic to forget that painful reminder of his perfect life. He ruled without mercy and with a slogan that said, "The weak deserve to die, but the Gods even more so." He now wields a great axe and a great sword that he uses to kill demi and lesser Gods. He has a couple of master assassins for spying and some magic users to further remind him of the pain of the past, so he can have a constant reminder of why he hates the Gods so much. However, he also banned magic to the public. But even though he did that, it does not stop people from trying.

Power of the Wizard[edit]

Aknamkanon was a very powerful wizard who owned a small patch of land. He loved animals and the natural life. Specializing in evocation and transmutation magic, he used his studies to help mankind's by growing crops and defeating enemies that would threaten the land. He also used his powers to create new land, further expanding his territory to aid the homeless. During his wizard years, he fervently worshipped the Gods and prayed constantly.

Before Evils Embrace[edit]

It wasn't always like this. The land reigning over this world was green, with sunny days and natural magic. The people were happy, throwing frequent parties and celebrations, and most people were good. There were those who attempted to take that happiness away, but those were put down by Aknomkanon himself. People had a living attitude every day, and even when monsters attacked, they were quickly dispatched.

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