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Time elementals are beings from the plane of time. They exist in multiple times at once, so resemble a small cloud of fine dust or vapour. They attack by spraying a fine, powdery substance which causes damage through aging: cells die, materials crack and rust.

Time elementals seldom appear beyond the plane of time. On other planes they feel discomfort and the weight of the forward motion of time in relation to the planes upon which their other manifestations exist.


A character may make an Arcana or Dungeoneering check to garner the following information.

DC 15: Time elementals are embodiments of time from a plane of existence related to the Far Realm.

DC 25: When in danger, a time elemental can summon itself from the past or future, or pause time altogether.

DC 30: Time elementals cannot be summoned, conjured or otherwise brought into being by any known spell. There are rumours of noble and royal time elementals who can stop time, cause living creatures to rapidly age or grow young, or move sideways through time.


A gang of foulspawn are constructing their own strange warren, and have attracted the attention of a time elemental.

Level 12 Encounter (XP 4000)

  • 1 foulspawn mockery (Level 10 controller, 500 XP, Monster Manual 3)
  • 3 foulspawn hulks (Level 12 brutes, 700 XP each, Monster Manual 1)
  • 1 time elemental (Level 12 lurker, 1400 XP)

Time Elemental[edit]

Time Elemental
Level 12 Elite Lurker
Small Aberrant Magical Beast
XP 1400
HP 182; Bloodied 91 Initiative +13
AC 26; Fortitude 24, Reflex 25, Will 24 Perception +9
Speed 2, fly 2 (hover) Normal
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1
The time elemental ignores difficult terrain and can move through obstacles and other creatures, but it must end its movement in an unoccupied space.
If the time elemental is flanking a target with a time elemental created through it's fugue power (or visa versa), it gains +3 bonus to attack from combat advantage (rather than +2); in addition, creatures hit by such a flanking attack lose one healing surge.
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Atomized Time ♦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +15 vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2d8 + 11 damage.
Move Actions
Already There ♦ Encounter; recharges when bloodied.
Effect: The time elemental shifts 6 squares.
Minor Actions
Close.png FugueD6 (5).pngD6 (6).png
Effect: A time elemental appears in an empty square within Close burst 5. It acts on the same initiative order, but cannot use the Fugue power itself. The time elemental and all its fugues share the same hit points: The new time elemental has the same number of hit points as the original, and when one time elemental takes hit point damage, all time elementals take the same amount of damage. Any number of fugues may be dismissed as a free action.
Triggered Actions
Respite ♦ Encounter
Trigger: An attack bloodies the time elemental.
Effect: (Immediate Reaction): The time elemental and all its fugues are removed. At the beginning of its following turn, it reappears in any square within 10 squares of its original position.
Skills Stealth +14
Str 16 (+9) Dex 16 (+9) Wis 16 (+9)
Con 13 (+7) Int 22 (+12) Cha 16 (+9)
Alignment Evil Languages Primordial
Equipment -
Interactions by Mr_7, on Flickr

Time Elemental Tactics[edit]

In combat, a time elemental will create fugues as often as possible, timing its already there to arrange flanking positions. Although this movement power can only be used once or twice, each of its copies will have its own separate ability to use this.

Since it moves slowly, its only opportunity to escape a battle is with its respite ability once bloodied. At this point, it is intelligent enough to know when to press the attack or to position itself in a square in which it can hide or sneak away.

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