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You are a potent combination of magic and brute force.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'11"-6'4"
Average Weight: 170-250
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution; +2 Strength or Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low Light
Languages: Common, Infernal and Orc
Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Arcana
Orcish Vitality: You have one additional healing surge.
Tiefling Resistance: You have resist fire one-half your level.
Resilient Rebuke: You can use resilient rebuke as an encounter power.

Resilient Rebuke Tiefling-orc Racial Power
You call upon your mixed heritage and power boils in your blood
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You become bloodied
Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier, and you deal bonus fire damage on your next attack before the end of your next turn equal to your Constitution modifier.

<!- Fluff. ->

Play an tiefling-orc if you want...

  • to use both brawn and brains
  • to be a social outcast and be okay with that
  • to fight against your heritage.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the fighter, wizard, paladin, and cleric classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Tiefling-orcs are strong, they are average to large in size. they inherit both physical qualities of their parents. They are muscled like orcs and have jutting teeth. They can also have horns like the tieflings although not as large.

Playing a tiefling-orc[edit]

A Tiefling-orc is a relatively new race. They come into existence when an orc and a tiefling have offspring. Though that used to be a rare occurrence there are enough tiefling-orcs to become a sustainable race. tiefling-orcs are not well liked by elves or humans they are viewed as abominations because of their heritage. They are also disliked by dwarfs because they come from the two things that they hate most... orcs and magic. Tiefling-orcs do get along with gnomes and halflings well enough but because of their size don’t tend to live in there cites very much. For these reasons tiefling-orcs have started developing their own cites. Although they are nowhere near the size of their counterparts, it is a start. They also do not get along with their orc parents, each viewing the other with contempt. They do get along with tieflings and will live with them, they also get along with half-orcs.

Their mixed heritage does effect how they act. Tiefling-orcs seemed to be locked in a battle between good and evil. They fight against the taint of evil inherent from lineages or accept it and try to harness that dark power. That is why in the cities that have been appearing they have either been tiefling-orcs who ban for good or evil so there civilizations have reflected that choice. The tiefling-orcs that lean towards the good side tend to worship Pelor because he is the god of supporting those in need and agenst all things evil. These good tiefling-orcs want nothing more than to someday fit into the rest of the world and some day have a kingdom of their own. The evil tiefling-orcs tend to worship ether Asmodeus or Bane. Asmodeus, because he made tieflings and they look to him for power; Bane because he is the god of military conquest and they wish to claim the realm as their own some day.

Tiefling-orc Characteristics: misunderstood, powerful, strong, driven

Male Names: any tiefling or orc name.

Female Names: any tiefling or orc name.

Tiefling-orc Adventurers[edit]

Three sample tiefling-orc adventurers are described below.

Terra is a tiefling-orc fighter. She started fighting after her mother was killed by bandits during a raid in their village. She couldn't help her then so she dedicated her life to learning how to fight. Now she wanders the land fighting evil where she can find it and helps her friends in their adventures.

Jarm is a tiefling-orc cleric of Pelor, and he uses his strength to serve his god. He doesn't let the prejudice of others affect him; he does what he is told in the hopes that one day he can help people accept the tiefling-orcs and build a tiefling-orc kingdom.

Verankht is a tiefling-orc warlock. He has given in to the taint in his blood. He practices his dark magic in secret and shuns others. The other races have shunned him, so he chooses to show them no mercy. He sees himself as the perfect race, strong and smart. He plans to make the elves and dwarves kneel before him.

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