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Thrull breeder.jpg

These twisted creatures were literally bred to die, ensuring their masters an unlimited supply for their human sacrifices.

Over time these masters learned to put them to over use, as well as the torturous, and disturbingly swift assimilation of captured slaves; regressing in a matter of days to become Thrulls themselves.

Creating a Thrull[edit]

Thrull is an acquired template which may be applied to any corporeal humanoid, monstrous humanoid, Giant, or outsider with intelligence 3 or greater. Thrulls who become undead retain their Thrull Template.

Size and Type[edit]

as base creature

Hit Dice[edit]

as base creature


Thrulls gain a natural bite, claw or slam attack dealing damage appropriate to a dagger of their size. (1d4 for medium size, 1d3 small, 1d6 large.)

Full Attack[edit]

Thrulls will usually attack solely with any natural weapons they possess, even if superior manufactured weapons are available.

Special Qualities[edit]

Twisted Nature: Thrulls do not die if their ability scores are reduced to 0 or less. Instead, they treat any score of 0 or less as though they had a non-ability, or a score of --, until that ability is raised to 1 or greater. If the Thrull has any special abilities which were previously based on this non-ability score (likely intelligence or charisma), they may continue to use those abilities, but take a -5 on any DC, or d20 roll regarding that ability.

Indentured fortitude: +4 bonus on fortitude saves against poison, disease and paralysis. -1 on all saves against spells, spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities.


+2 Str, -2 Con, -4 Int, -6 Cha

(note Twisted Nature ability)




slave pits (50-100), or work party (5-20, plus 1-3 non-thrull masters)

Challenge Rating[edit]



half standard


usually neutral or evil.


By character class.

A Thrull character may choose, in lieu of taking a level in any character class, to gain a d8 hit die. this hit die grants 2 skill points, all poor saves, and +1 BAB.

Level Adjustment[edit]

-1 Additionally, a creature with character levels which becomes a Thrull immediately loses 3 levels, but may continue gaining levels normally if they choose.

Thrulls are not advised for player characters.

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