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This subclass is the beginning of a set of elemental Subclasses that aim to give you full control over an element and its damage type. These classes will have some of utility, support, transformation(changing your stats to better suit a situation), and damage, but each element will only specialize in one. In this case, Windcrasher specializes in damage, as the winds themselves are unchanging, but still strong enough to knock a man down to the ground. This variant's purpose is mostly for interacting with the base class's abilities, while maintaining its own identity.

Windcrasher Extended Spell List

The winds give you a small taste of their power.

Spell Level Spells
1st burning hands*, chromatic orb
2nd flaming sphere*, scorching ray
3rd fireball*, gaseous form
4th ice storm*, conjure minor elementals
5th conjure elemental, cone of cold*

* Unless you gain these spells from another source, the spell channels lightning instead of fire, dealing lightning damage instead of fire damage. If the spell deals ice damage, it instead deals force damage.
Unless you gain this spell from another source, you can summon only smoke mephits,(MM) ice mephits, or dust mephits with it.
Unless you gain this spell from another source, you can summon only air elementals with it.

Bonus Cantrip

When you choose this patron at 1st level, you get the shocking grasp cantrip as a bonus cantrip. This counts as a Warlock cantrip, and uses Charisma as its spell ability.

Wind Soul

At 1st level, you already feel the energy of the winds coming forth. You gain 10ft movement speed, and can take an bonus action to swirl your lower body into a whirlwind, ignoring difficult terrain for 2 rounds per level. If you are knocked prone, you lose this effect. You can't use this feature again until you complete a short or long rest.

Heightened Winds

At 6th level, your Pact Boons improves, based on what you got at 3rd level.

  • Pact of the Blade. At 6th level, you can choose to make your weapon's damage force or lightning as a bonus action. Every four levels after that, add one die of damage the weapon deals(only when transformed). After 18th level, increase the die size by one(d4 to d6, d6 to d8, d8 to d10, if any weapon has d10 or higher do not apply this effect), but the damage no longer improves. After combat ends, the blade automatically returns to normal. You cannot use this again until you complete a short or long rest.
  • Pact of the Chain. Familiars now can shock or force enemies. Whenever you attack and your familiar is within 20 feet of you, you can choose to use your bonus action to have it attack with a hostile creature in range. When it does, add either 1d6 force or 1d6 lightning damage to its damage roll. Every four levels after this, add one die of damage. At 18th level, make the damage d8, but it stops increasing.
  • Pact of the Tome. The Tome now has the ability of inscribing higher level spells. Add two 1st level spells from any spell list to this book. They can be casted with or without spell slots. At 10th, add two 2nd level spells from any spell list, but these must use spell slots and cannot be used more than twice every long rest. At 14th level, add one 3rd level spell from any spell list, but this can only be casted once per day, but can use up a Mystic Arcanum slot, and then must require a long rest to use again.

True Wind Form

You can now truly feel the energy of the winds. At 10th level, you can assume the form of an Air Elemental one size larger than your character. You cannot use spell-like abilities, or your Mystic Arcanum, but you automatically are under the effects or Wind Beneath Your Legs and Wind Form. Your ability scores(barring Charisma), saving throws, AC, HP, immunities, resistances, speed, and attacks are replaced by the elemental's. If your elemental form is knocked down to 0 hp, you revert to your normal form, taking half your max HP as damage. This form lasts as long as you wish, but after six hours, and every three after that, you gain a level of exhaustion, and cannot use this ability until you remove this exhaustion. Using Wind Form or Wind Beneath Your Legs while having this exhaustion(or exhaustion from any other source) has a chance to have the ability fail and increase your exhaustion by one(50/50 chance). When you revert, you cannot use this ability until you finish a long rest.

Wrath of the Trade Winds

At 14th level, enemies with immunity to lightning or force count only as having resistance against your lightning or force spells. As an action, you can summon extremely strong winds to knock someone to the ground with a giant fist-shaped gust of wind. The target must make a Dexterity save, taking 10d10 force damage and being knocked prone for two rounds, while talking half as much and not being prone at all of a successful one. If this kills an enemy, the body(all non-magical equipment and items are crushed and cannot be used for their intended purpose) is crushed beyond repair. You must take a long rest before you can use this again.

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