The Unwilling Master (5e Subclass)

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The Unwilling Master[edit]

Warlock Subclass

The nature of the master has always been one of dominance and power. But even that is not a constant with the many situations even deities find themselves in. Sometimes, they are forced to give away a share of their power and impart knowledge for the sake of something greater. A god might grudgingly fork over his powers or teach a forbidden spell at the behest of a greater deity, or as a means of lesser evil. Powerful creatures like genies impart their assistance to warlocks in possession of their lamps and vessels, telling them magical secrets in hopes of being freed. Bound gods that have become vestiges even can serve as power sources whilst they rest, unknowingly providing you with energy and knowledge. The unwilling master is often not truly a master, but more of a partner forced into an agreement with the warlock. For foul or fair, they may require the warlock to accomplish their own deeds when no one else will. You might be someone's last resort.

Expanded Spell List

As you continue to draw power from your Unwilling Master, you can choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Unwilling Master Expanded Spells

1st sleep, inflict wounds

2nd arcane lock, suggestion

3rd fireball, animate dead

4th compulsion, ice storm

5th dominate person, passwall

6th chain lightning, guards and wards

Arcane Siphon

You bond with a patron at 1st level allowing you to gain a tiny portion of it's power although it is unwilling. In like fashion, you can drain life force from creatures of significant power. When you consume a spell slot to cast a spell that reduces a creature with a CR (or level) greater than your own to 0 Hit Points, you may regain the expended spell slot. Reducing multiple creatures to 0 Hit Points with the same spell does not return additional spell slots.

Greater Boon

Starting at 6th level some of the essence of your patron bleeds through your bond and manifests in you. The effect of your pact boon is increased as shown in the table below:

Boon Trait
Pact of the Chain You can summon any creature of CR 1/2 or lower as your familiar. You can command your familiar to attack without using an action.
Pact of the Blade You may summon any type of weapon as a pact weapon. Ranged pact weapons ignore the ammunition, loading, reload and misfire properties.
Pact of the Tome Your tome has all of the spells provided by your patron's expanded spell list inscribed in it. They no longer count against the number of warlock spells you know, but you may cast them only when you have your book of shadows on your person. They do not require non-valuable material components when you cast them.
Combined Essence

At 10th level your grasp on your "patron" has grown more powerful. You gain a bonus spell slot with which to cast your warlock spells.

Mastered Bond

Beginning at 14th level you make your patron an offer it can't refuse, drawing more power through your bond. Your spell slots increase to 6th level. When you learn new spells, you may pick from the sixth level spells in your spell list. You may cast your 6th level mystic arcanum using your spell slots, but the reverse is not true for the 6th level spells you know.

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