The Tomb of the First King (Paludia Supplement)

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Before his reign was even half over, the First King of The Old Kingdom made preparations for his entombment and possible return. He ordered his Sauromancers to prepare the greatest tomb in all of Paludia, and one of the greatest tombs ever seen in the entire world. A great cave complex was found deep in the mountains, where few lizardfolk ever tread, and enchantments were cast upon the caves, preventing most spells from affecting them. Most Scrying spells were blocked, and the few that could get through were given a false image of an empty mountain. The cave itself was filled with great treasures and magical artifacts, including some high-powered magical weapons, amulets, and special artifacts which could be used by the First King should he ever be reanimated. The Tomb was then covered in symbols, both magical and religious. The exact meaning of these symbols is unknown to all but the Sauromancers and the First King himself. After the First King had died, he was outfitted with a jade mask, and his tomb was filled with many traps, both magical and mundane. Other obstacles were placed in the tomb as well. After the tomb had been filled and outfitted, it was sealed up. No written record of the tomb's location exists in any lizardfolk village or town. In fact, no living Sauromancer knows where the tomb is either. Every now and then, a lizardfolk warrior or chief tries to find the tomb, hoping that the artifacts inside will enable him to claim rulership of all Paludia. No expedition has ever come close to finding the tomb, and even if the tomb could be found, it would be very difficult to unlock its secrets.




Dungeon type: Safe Storage.

Walls: Naturally occurring stone with some artificial additions.

Floors: Naturally occurring stone with some artificial additions.

Doors: Wooden, stone. Some doors are magic.

Rooms: Vaults, a crypt.

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