The Spell-Soul Ring (5e Equipment)

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This very powerful ring was created by the greatest of all magic item creators and even the gods are scared of it. It cannot be crafted because the inner workings of this ring are to complex for the mortal mind. Once attuned to this ring you can unlock its full power. To attune, you have to give the ring a fraction of your soul. To do this you must complete a 8 hour ritual in which you meditate. After you meditate roll a d20 plus your intelligence modifier. If you fail you take 4d8 psychic damage and fail your meditation so you have to meditate again. If you succeed you gain the following benefit.

Spell-Soul Sucking When you kill a creature you can attempt to suck there soul and put it in the ring. If you attempt to suck their soul roll a d20 plus your intelligence modifier at disadvantage against the creatures saving throw (dm’s choice). If you succeed you suck there soul. Depending on their challenge rating you can cast more spells. 4-6=1st level spell slot 7-9=2nd level spell slot 10-12=3rd level spell slot 13-15=4th level spell slot 16-18=5th level spell slot 19-21=6th level spell slot 22-24=7th level spell slot 25-27=8th level spell slot 28-30=9th level spell slot-->

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