The Spear of Gruumsh (3.5e Equipment)

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The Spear of Gruumsh: A mighty spear wielded by Gruumsh himself, this weapon is the bane of any who dares defy the orcs.

The Spear of Gruumsh is the weapon that Gruumsh himself wields. On occasion he temporarily bestows it upon one of his greatest champions, for use against Elves, Dwarves, or any other enemy of the orcs. It cannot be destroyed, for it is sustained by the worship of the Orc race as well as Gruumsh's own power. As the weapon of a god, The Spear has ludicrous powers and unbelievable hitting power.

The Spear of Gruumsh is a +20 Life Dread Keen Longspear. Against Elves and Dwarves it threatens a critical on any roll except a natural 1. Against those targets its critical multiplier becomes x4. Against those targets the save DC against its Dread ability is tripled. Against any targets the spear grants the bearer the cleave and great cleave abilities if the user didn't already have them. Unlike other longspears, the Spear of Gruumsh CAN be used against adjacent targets, and has a maximum reach of 15 feet, as the weapon automatically extends or retracts itself to allow the bearer to fight. Whenever the spear inflicts a hit, any non-major artifact armor on the target is instantly penetrated and destroyed. Any Elf that suffers a hit from the spear but doesn't die is permanently blinded as his eyes melt in their sockets. The Spear cannot be damaged, cannot be used by anyone except an orc of Evil alignment, and disappears whenever Gruumsh wills it to. Gruumsh is always aware of The Spear's precise location, regardless of any magic used to obscure his sight. The Spear cannot be disenchanted, and any attempt to do so will cause the caster to suffer the effects of the Maze spell (CL 50)
Epic Necromancy; CL 1000; Weight: 10 lbs

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