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The life of our planet has its real source in the Sun,” wrote E. Renan.

“All force is a transformation of the Sun. Before religion had gone so far as to proclaim that God must be placed in the absolute and the ideal, that is to say, outside of the world, one cult only was reasonable and scientific, and that was the cult of the Sun.” But the Sun was subordinate to the planets, even though they are not conspicuous, poor sources of light, and no sources of warmth

The First Planet:Nabu[edit]

The planet is hard to spot from Teoryran, but it is considered the source of wisdom.

The Second Planet:Ishtar[edit]

Also called the morning star, because it is visible from Teoryran. Ishtar is believed to represent life and death.

The Third Planet[edit]

Teoryran is a planet rotating around its sun, unbeknownst to it’s inhabitants it is can located as the 3rd planet from its sun. Around the planet several asteroids rotates complete with their own ecosystems and the largest is of course the moon, which is populated by life


Teoyran have several orbiting satellites, but only one is large enough to be considered such rather than asteroids. Some Cults say that the Sun is created by a fraction of the Moon and that the moon is older than the sun itself.

The Heavens[edit]

There are several asteroid in orbit around Teoryran and just within the atmosphere, it is here the highly evolved species lives who are misinterpreted as gods.

The Fourth Planet:Nergal[edit]

The fourth planet is slightly smaller than Teoryran, behind it and a red gas giant there is a asteroid belt around the sun. Nergal is believed to control disease, death and war.

The Heavens[edit]

Nergal has several minor moons in orbits where gods dwells and some even offers pathways from the astroids in orbits around Nergal to the astroids in orbit around Teoryrans world.

The Man of the River[edit]

Between Nergal and Marduk there is an orbiting ring of astroids called the "Man of the River". Inside the Man of the River, is the inside of the river where forces of nature makes all planets solid. All planets outside the man of the river, or the outside of the river are incapable of sold form and are gas giants.

The Sixth Planet:Marduk[edit]

The sixth planet from the Sun is Marduk. Between Nergal and Marduk there is an astroid belt. Marduk is the planet of kinds and the source of power, or that is what people believe. Marduk is a gold red gas giant with rings of ice,gas and stone.

The Heavens[edit]

Marduk have 12 moons associated with the 12 star signs.

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