The Seven Deities of Archania (3.5e Pantheon)

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The Seven Deities of Archania are the main points of worship in Archanian culture. Unlike most gods, they tend to wander the world, living thousands of lives. They all represent important values of Archanian life. They all feel deep sorrow over the loss of their and the Archanians' homeland. However, they have found a place of deep, ancient magic where they meet up each other on a regular basis and where their followers can pray to them. It is an old, crumbling castle hidden away from all those not devout followers of the Seven. In the castle is a throne room with seven thrones ranging from simple to ornate. It is said that if you greatly need the assistance of the Seven and you pray to them, they will appear to you in their thrones.

The High Throne

The High Throne is the the seat of the most powerful of the Seven, belonging to Corvus the White Raven, God of Chaos, Darkness, Love, and Madness. He is one of three Archanians whom attained Godhood and is deeply revered among the Archanians and the other Seven alike.

The Major Thrones

The Major Thrones belong to Halthir the War Phoenix, God of Life, Fire, Honor, and Reincarnation, and Synn the Arsenal, God of War, Blood, Weapons, and Friendship. They are the other two Archanians to reach Godhood, and are close friends of Corvus.

The Lesser Thrones

The Lesser Thrones belong to the four original Gods of Archanian culture. They are Faera the Raven, Goddess of Magic; Dorami the Eagle, God of Power; Hyodan the Owl, God of Wisdom; and Rullana the Dove, Goddess of Emotion. They were the first deities, and they welcomed the young Gods Corvus, Halthir, and Synn with open arms. They didn't mind them being stronger than them at all.

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