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Alnus Fraxinus Solanum, the Rose Captain, was born, and remained, in the White Fang Township for the first thirty years of his life. His father, a merchant marine, and his mother, a horticulturalist, recognized his talents in horticulture and comparative anatomy at a young age, and insisted he attended the Academy of Plant Sciences in the nearby Spring Vale. He agreed, though he was shortly withdrawn by his mother, as his father's health was failing, due to dystrophia, a widespread condition in the White Fang during the time period. After his father's death, he never return to the APS. At the age of twelve, he created the first winter-hardy crop the township had ever seen. During the dark, often snowy, winter months, this particular cultivar of a local staple, Triticum rudbeckia, would produce grain all season long, despite the adverse environmental conditions. He went on to produce a number of successful agricultural cultivars before concetrating exclusively on the plant family Rosaceae.

In his early twenties, he would meet, and marry, a fellow botanist, Katherine Coreana who shared his interest in the rose. Together, they created a flower of legend and repute, the Rosa coreana. A flower, according to legend, to bear immmense luck and fortune for those who consumed its petals in a tea, or successfully planted its fickle seeds in the feared Black Dirt. Together, they would spread their creation far and wide until her untimely death by drowning in the cove to be known as Katherine Cove. Stricken with grief, an anguish from which he would never recover, he set sail, his loss manifesting itself in the creation of a pirate and tyrant, the likes of which the Abyssal Sea had never before seen.

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