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This optimization is all about dealing damage to a single target as quickly possible. It is not focused on survival at all, you'll want your team to pull you out of the inevitable bad situations you'll end up because this is all about charging in head first and killing. Of course, the upsides to it all is having your Rogue (plus ten percent Barbarian) being able to significantly wound major foes in the first turn if not kill them out right and still have fire power left over for a few more rounds.


Player's Handbook 1

Player's Handbook 2

Martial Power

Eberron Player's Guide (if you pick to be a doppelganger)

Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (if you pick to be a drow)

Game Rule Components[edit]


None necessary, but it's important to have your most damaging dagger on you whenever possible. The Duelist's Dagger is generally preferred as it's just another sneak attack to use.


Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments):

You'll want at least 18 in dexterity. It's your most important skill as it gives you speed and damage. Strength is the second most important. Charisma is the third as many rogue powers use it. Wisdom is good for perception, otherwise you'll want some constitution to have some extra points to survive. Intelligence is the dump stat.

Preferred Races:

Elf: +2 Dex +2 Wis. Elven Accuracy (reroll an attack) is quite nice for those times when you miss. Remember, you only get one shot to pull off the high damage this build does.

Half-Orc: +2 Str +2 Wis. Insightful Strike (add Wis bonus to-hit). Great for flat-out damage. (D&D 4.0 - Player's Handbook 2 p14 "Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity"

Drow: +2 Dex +2 Cha. Darkfire (Cha+4 vs. Reflex, grants combat advantage) is great for sneak attacks.

Changling: +2 Dex +2 Cha. Changling's Trick (Bluff check to get combat advantage) is great for Rogues.

Level Powers Initiative Saving Throws Feats Class
Fort Ref Will
1st Riposte Strike, Deft Strike,
Torturous Strike, Press Advantage
+8 +12 +16 +11 Improved Intiative Brutal Scoundrel None
2nd Adaptable Flanker +9 +13 +17 +12 Slaying Action None You can now do over 50 damage.
3rd Blade Vault +9 +13 +17 +12 None None None
4th None +10 +14 +18 +13 Dirty Fighting None Be sure to up strength and dexterity here.
5th Flashy Riposte +10 +14 +18 +13 None None None
6th Threatening Glare +11 +14 +18 +13 Berserker's Fury None Be sure to activate this feat at the beginning
of whatever battle you plan on using it in.
7th Hectoring Strike +11 +14 +18 +13 None None None
8th None +14 +15 +20 +14 Acolyte Power None Switch out Threatening Glare with Instinctive Charge. Your
initiative bonus is now +19 once per day and you still get a power bonus.
Be sure to up dexterity and strength.
9th Rogue's Recovery +14 +15 +20 +14 None None None
10th Brisk Stride +15 +16 +21 +15 Backstabber None None


By the end of it, you can make your initiative equal to 20, allowing you to jump straight into most battles. You'll be able to move 11 squares and hit a target for triple damage in a single turn. And then hit the target again for sizable damage if it attacks back. And yet again the next turn with an encounter power. And then hit it with Press the Advantage if you bloodied the target at any given time. And that's only if you're focusing on a single target.

With Slaying Action and attacks that allow you to move, you kill a minor target right off the bat and move onto another one, allowing your team to out number the enemies easily.

At level ten, in the first round, with an AP, you can (assuming you have a master work dagger +3) do:

First Attack: 2d4 + 2d8 + 31 Max: 55 (Torturous Strike) Second Attack: 1d4 + 2d8 + 29 Max: 49 (Riposte Strike)

And if the enemy attacks you:

Riposte Strike Reaction: 1d4 + 19 Max: 23 Flashy Riposte: 2d4 + 19 Max: 27

And if you bloody the enemy at any given time:

Press the Advantage: 2d4 + 19 Max: 27

Total Max: 171

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

Weapon train so that you do 1d8 with the rapier instead of 1d4+1 with the dagger?

Step further into the barbarian side to increase damage and speed?

Increase toughness so that you can not only dish out damage but take it?


Remember, you only have a few shots at doing what you're going to do. Pulling off triple digit damage is going to take encounter and even daily powers, especially if you have to run 11 squares to get to where you're going or have to top the speed of a dragon. Once you run out of fuel, your damage output drops severely and you lack defensive capabilities.

DM Counters[edit]

Include multiple tough targets to avoid letting the rogue kill off the main one with ease.

Have defense against sneak attacks and combat advantage.

In addition, have enemies come in waves (reinforcements). Then the RoSD will have to decide when to use his Encounter and Daily powers.

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