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"Former Queen Consort of Baator"

Symbol: A Woman Weeping Blood
Home Plane: Nenssus, 9th Layer of Baator
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Blood, Sorrow, Coruption, Witches
Worshipers: Blood Witch Covens, Blood Devils, and Evil Clerics
Clergy Alignments: LE
Domains: Baator, Blood, Magic, Pain
Favored Weapon: Scourge
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More information...

Once a human witch whose name has been lost to time, when the Red Maid died, her soul was sent to the lowest circle of the Nine Hells. There, she seduced, or was seduced by, depending on who you ask, Asmodeus, King of Baator. He wed the Red Maid and ruled the Hells with her. Until, that is, she grew tired of ruling with Asmodeus and plotted to usurp his throne. The attempt failed and as punishment, Asmodeus gauged out her eyes and banished her from his presence, condeming her to wander Nenssus. As she wandered, her bloody tears fell to the ground, spawning blood devils who sheltered her from Asmodeus. Seeing that blood had power, she took to draining the blood of others and creating powerful magic using blood. Even entire covens of witches utilizing her powers. She now spends her time plotting against her former husband.

The Red Maid is a beautiful woman with ebony hair and clamy grey skin. She's often dressed in ornate and extravagant crimson gowns or robes and her eyes are always covered with bloody bandages. Each of her slender grey fingers are tipped with sharpened black nails and peaking out from her deep red lips are a pair of small, sharp, fangs dripping with the blood of her victims.


The Red Maid seeks to overthrow Asmodeus and get revenge on him for blinding her. She does everythingshe can to interrupt his plans whist simultaneously spreading her own influence and growing her following for the day when she claims the throne of Baator and casts Asmodeus into oblivion.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Red Maid's clergy are primarily made up of covens of blood witches or hordes of blood devils. Occasionally vampire covens or blood mage guilds will take her as their patron in exchange for her blood and her potent blessings. Temples to The Red Maid are often re-purposed from the temples of other gods and have several pools and fonts filled with blood.


The Red Maid is a minor deity of the Dristosian Pantheon and is most commonly worshiped in the Kingdom of Nor'Noxia.

The Red Maid[edit]

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