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The Realms of Conflict[edit]

The Realms of Conflict are a realm of eternal war. Fighters die countless times, only to rise again the following day. The plane has four layers - The Field of Strife, Bloodpeak, War's Pinnacle, and Thule's Height. The Field of Strife is where the majority of the wars are fought. It is a wasteland riddled with countless bodies, the earth scorched and burned by the powers unleashed. War's Pinnacle is where Davian dwells, a great fortress of gray stone built upon the mountain's summit. Bloodpeak is a vast mountain stained red by the rivers and waterfalls of blood that flow down its height, forming a great lake at the center of the Field of Strife. It houses Mengar the Bloodlord and his divine followers. And finally, Thule's Height is a volcano upon which Thule the Destructor has his ice fortress, surrounded by rivers of fire and storms of ice.

Plane Traits[edit]

Anybody who dies in the Realms of Conflict is resurrected at dawn the next day.

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Gravity is normal on this plane, unless controlled by the gods that dwell there.
  • Time: Time runs normally in the Realms of Conflict.
  • Size: The plane is 10,000 miles across, and at its 'edge' gives way to the Astral.
  • Morphic: The plane is divinely morphic.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: Fire, Magma, Lightning and Air are enhanced here, Water is fouled and Earth is normal.
  • Energy Dominance: Mildly positive.
  • Alignment Trait: Strongly Chaos-aligned, mildly Neutral-aligned.
  • Magic Trait: Magic is normal here

Plane Links[edit]

The Plane links to the Covenant Plane.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Mostly minions of the gods, a few undead and mortals.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Movement and combat are as normal.

Features of the Plane[edit]

Bloodpeak: Bloodpeak is a vast mountain stained red with blood and constantly leaking waterfalls of the foul substance. It is home to Mengar's throne, hewn roughly out of the red rock, from which an unending river of blood flows.

Thule's Height: Thule's Height is a massive volcano, burning eternally with flame and fire. Upon it, Thule has his fortress of ice, where dwell him, Furos, and Boreal. Rivers of magma flow down its heights, flowing down in great waterfalls of molten fire. An immense storm surrounds the mountain, raining shards of ice the size of houses onto the burning ground in a constant hail of death.

The Field of Strife: The Field of Strife is a burnt wasteland through which rivers of blood and magma flow, home to unending war. It is scarred with craters and vast ravines, covered with forts and citadels, but is always a land of war. Fighters fight on until death claims them, with heroic last stands and suicidal charges aplenty. But all this is rendered meaningless, because the nature of the plane means that all who die there are resurrected the following day, to fight and die again and again, with no respite.

War's Pinnacle: War's Pinnacle is Davian's citadel, set upon his mountain. It is home to his Valkyries, and at the very top, Davian himself. His petitioners also dwell here, feasting and drinking and fighting terrible monsters in a true warrior's paradise. But darker rumors abound, saying that Davian has taken to hiring the services of Akassan's slavemasters, and this explains the Baatezu and Tanar'ri seen fighting in the Field of Strife...

Plane Links[edit]

The Plane links to the Covenant Plane

Plane Encounters[edit]

Warriors: A group of warriors almost bursting with bravado about how they'll fight and win the endless war here for their chosen god. They usually have these assumptions changed shortly after their first battle, if they survive. For now, they wouldn't like distractions as they march toward their deaths.

Pressed Soldiers: A group of particularly impressive mortals kidnapped and pressed into service by agents of Davian or Mengar. They are not happy with their lot and would like to be free, but are guarded by a few mortals and heavily chained.

Slave Battalion: An army of Baatezu or Tanar'ri warslaves being marched to a market in a berg somewhere on this plane. The slavemasters are agents of Akassan, selling their resources to the highest bidder. Killing the slavemasters would be a good thing to do, but the fiends aren't likely to be grateful.

Shivan: One of Thule's four-armed monstrosities, probably on its way to some target that Thule wishes dead or destroyed.

Reaper of Utiolth: A Reaper of Utiolth, surrounded by a small group of Undead. Wait, what are Reapers doing here?

Shivan Horde: 2-10 Shivans, moving oddly in the same direction for some reason. Whatever's happening, they're not friendly.

Berg: A town somewhere on the edges of the conflict, that manages to not only survive but thrive. Probably well-known for its hospital and inn, for more immoral ones, its slavemarket. The nice ones'll let you have some free rest, the bad ones'll try and sell you as a slave.

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