The Mysteries

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The Mysteries
Abbreviation: N/A
Author: Adam Bank and Jeremiah Genest
Publisher: Atlas Games
Item Code: AG0265
Release Date: 2000 (out of print)
Format: perfect bound
Page Count: 176
ISBN-10: 1-887801-89-8
Price: $21.95 (US)
Product Blurb:
From the academies of Greece, the cults of Rome, the scriptoriums of Christian monks, the minarets of Islamic sages, and the stone circles of the ancients, the mystery of magic whispers to those precious few who possess the Gift. The Order of Hermes, the legacy of the greatest wizards of Mythic Europe, listens well.

The Mysteries dares Ars Magica players to delve deeper in the minds of magi than ever before by revealing a new level of intrigue and magic at work within the Order of Hermes. This new supplement for playing Hermetic magi exposes a treasure-trove of secrets from the discoverers of magic and the hidden sects within the Order. Dozens of new spells, lab activities, and Virtues bring medieval science, magic, and mysticism to life, including the marvels of alchemy, dream magic, astrology, and daemonology.

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